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The Advanced Look at This Flawless Example of Content Marketing Awesomeness!

I remember buying a course on writing ebooks which I returned. It was a Ryan Deiss course, and I remember feeling completely ripped off that I actually canceled my GKIC membership, because his content was being published in it. Ryan basically promised me a guide to write an ebook in just a weekend. I was […]

How To Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

I remember when the economic world around us was collapsing. Banks were failing, the US economy was spiraling out of control. During this time I had a conversation with a copywriter who worked on brands like crest, apple and hertz, that this seemingly doomed scenario was the perfect springboard for a small bank to make […]

Meet The Top Secret Spreadsheet That Google, Bing and Yahoo All Fear

This is the spreadsheet that has Google, Yahoo and Bing Terrified.  Every resource you can possibly imagine for SEO, and online marketing is neatly compiled in this amazing Google Doc from Annie Cushing. It Covers everything from SEO analysis, to social media marketing, to data sources for content, to infographic submission sites, etc… This doc […]

Clever Ad for Anchorman on Reddit

  Have you ever seen banner ads on the internet talk to each other? What about fight with each other? This is a super clever ad. One that grabs the eye, and forces you to read it, and win a dodge durango. Ads on entertainment sites, like reddit, are very hard to convert well. This […]

The Simplest Way To Write The Perfect Unique Selling Proposition

Here is a very simple strategy for developing the perfect Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate your business from your competitors. I have discussed previously about how you must differentiate yourself or your brand will die. I also point out that differentiating yourself is the hidden key to real SEO. Just to get started, the perfect […]

Is Your Risk Free Trial Scaring Away Your “Ready To Buy” Customers? Here’s How To Win Them Back!

In the past three months I can think of several companies that I was ready to buy their product, so ready in fact that I had my wallet out on my desk next to my computer, but I never ended up buying it. Why? For one simple reason…The risk free trial scared me away!  I […]

A Flawless Execution of Content Marketing: The Perfect Example of Content That Pulls The Right People Into Your Funnel.

Content marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood strategy online. I discuss in this video why I think that is, and show an example of what I believe is a perfect example of content marketing done right. For those who don’t have time to watch 5 minutes of video, the short of it is… map out […]

How To Reach Buyers Searching For Commercial Real Estate With Actual Purchase Intent, Without Wasting Time and Money on The Tire Kickers

Today Google Adwords rolled out a new feature for targeting in their display network that focuses on “In-Market Buyers” and avoids paying for impressions and clicks for all the other people who are just browsing but have no purchase intent. One of the big problems with display advertising historically is that you end up wasting […]

If Your Branding Strategy Fails To Answer This Ridiculously Important Question, Your Brand Will Fail

It’s hard to dispute the power of branding. It’s even harder to execute on a successful branding strategy. Here is a super quick crash course in understanding and mastering strategies for branding your company. Branding is about perception. It is not about anything else. It is ONLY about How Consumers Perceive Your Brand…  This is […]

The Ultimate List of Online Marketing Case Studies with Real Examples

One of my favorite things about the SEO space is how open everyone is with their case studies and strategies. I’ve written in the past how the value of attracting links and readers through great content is usually far more valuable that keeping your SEO strategies a secret. For this reason, the best SEO’s and […]