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One of my favorite things about the SEO space is how open everyone is with their case studies and strategies. I’ve written in the past how the value of attracting links and readers through great content is usually far more valuable that keeping your SEO strategies a secret. For this reason, the best SEO’s and online marketers share the results of their efforts.

I can personally vouch for how hard this is. I have my own bag of tricks of content generation strategies, and while  I share most of what I do in my blog, I struggle to be open with a few cream of the crop ideas. For example, I achieved the top post on Reddit a month or so ago, and drove over 1,800,000 visits off of reddit to a site. I woke up that morning with reddit messages from the huffington post, and other journalists, and emails in my inbox informing me that I was on drudge report. I plan on releasing a case study about the success of those efforts, but for now I want to get back to my point about how open and sharing the SEO and broader content and inbound marketing community is.

If you recall my blog posts from a few weeks ago, I shared two great examples of repurposing someone elses content into a very valuable resource, that attracts hundreds of links, thousands of shares, and probably tens of thousands of visitors.

Today, I came across a new version which you can be sure is bookmarked on my computer, and I will likely reference this post at least a few dozen times over the next while.

Basically, a fellow I never heard of before today named Mark Trueman created a blog called . I have not gone deep into his site, but he put together this brilliant post. What did he do?

He Compiled a List of 168 Case Studies on Traffic Acquisition and Internet Marketing, Spanning over 100 experts. No opinions. Just Cold Hard Facts Presented in Case Studies. 

This is the perfect reference library for almost any traffic generation strategy you would think of employing. From running Linkedin Ads to using images for email outreach. This post covers several major topics, and is organized really nicely.

He covers, ” Outreach Case Studies, Twitter Case Studies, Link Building Case Studies, SEO Case Studies, Facebook Case Studies, Guest Post Traffic Case Studies, Social Media Case Studies, Online Advertising Case Studies, and a bunch more.” 

Personally, I don’t have the time to read all of them today, but you can be sure I will be referencing it as needed. In fact, I bet most internet marketers will as well.

The great thing about his organized list of marketing case studies is not only do they serve as an example for your own case studies, but  since he chose to compile case studies specifically, he could have easily just done a few searches in Google for marketing case study examples, or seo case studies, etc… and just cherry picked the top results for each category.

In fact, you can probably rinse and repeat this strategy in other industries… or if you are really clever, you can find other similar things to case studies that you can compile for your industry. For example, white papers, resources, tools, videos, how to, guides, etc…

Compiling lists are great, but if they are very high value content you are really in business. If you want to take it a step further… Take one of your main keywords or categories you target and plug it into a keyword research tool with the words above like case studies, white papers, videos, how tos, guides, quotes, etc… and see what has the most search volume and go after that vertical… Should be pretty fool proof.

What are some other types of content you can think of that if someone compiled for your industry it would be useful?

This is actually a great addendum post for my original post with all the ways to drive traffic to your website.

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