How To Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

I remember when the economic world around us was collapsing. Banks were failing, the US economy was spiraling out of control. During this time I had a conversation with a copywriter who worked on brands like crest, apple and hertz, that this seemingly doomed scenario was the perfect springboard for a small bank to make […]

“My Doctor Said Drink More Fluids, So I Drink Five Cans of Cherry Coke A Day.” -Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet responded, while discussing Michael Bloombergs’ soda tax on CNBC, when asked what his thoughts were about Bloombergs opposition to sugar drinks and such… considering Warren’s ¬†large holdings in companies like Coke and Darry Queen … “I’m 82 years old, and I eat ice cream for breakfast some days and drink 5 cans of […]