A Flawless Execution of Content Marketing: The Perfect Example of Content That Pulls The Right People Into Your Funnel.

Content marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood strategy online. I discuss in this video why I think that is, and show an example of what I believe is a perfect example of content marketing done right.

For those who don’t have time to watch 5 minutes of video, the short of it is… map out the steps a consumer needs to take to reach their end goal, and give them a done for you solution to step one in the process. This will get them in the funnel, at which point you can drip out content to them that gets them from step one to step two, and so forth until they are ready  to buy from you.

I wish this example was from my own blog, but unfortunately, I have not executed on this strategy for my own consulting services.

I also want to point out that I am experimenting with screencasting software, and this one is on a free trial that limits my video to 5 minutes. So, I didn’t go through every nuanced detail of the success of this great example of content marketing that pulls people into a funnel,  and it does cut me off talking in middle, but you can get the basic idea from the video, and here is a link to the post discussed. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ebook-creation-resources-ht

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David Melamed is the Founder of Tenfold Traffic, a search and content marketing agency with over $50,000,000 of paid search experience and battle tested results in content development, premium content promotion and distribution, Link Profile Analysis, Multinational/Multilingual PPC and SEO, and Direct Response Copywriting.

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