Getting The Most Out Of a Small Advertising Budget

One of the most annoying business practices I come across (and honestly think is very short sighted) is this crazy idea called “Commission Sales People.” I get the attraction. You only pay them when they make you money, so you can mitigate your risk. It’s a very defensible business position, because the sales person hopefully […]

Is Your Risk Free Trial Scaring Away Your “Ready To Buy” Customers? Here’s How To Win Them Back!

In the past three months I can think of several companies that I was ready to buy their product, so ready in fact that I had my wallet out on my desk next to my computer, but I never ended up buying it. Why? For one simple reason…The risk free trial scared me away!  I […]

These Four Friendly Words Are Killing Your Sales Results, and The Six Words You Need To Save Your Sales and Boost Revenues

When was the last time you walked into a retail store? Do you remember the conversation you had with the sales rep? Odds are it looked something like this… Sales Rep: Hi, May I Help You? You: No Thanks, I’m Just Looking. Sounds friendly, and pretty typical… But this conversation actually outlines a massive epidemic […]

Do Two of These Three Things and You Are Guaranteed To Win Customers and Grow Your Sales

About a year and a half ago I was chatting with a fascinating fellow at the Internet Retailer show in Chicago. I struck up a conversation with him when he asked the moderator during a PPC session about placing high bids in Google, and advertising with his worst CTR ad copy to drive up the […]