The Simplest Way To Write The Perfect Unique Selling Proposition

Here is a very simple strategy for developing the perfect Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate your business from your competitors. I have discussed previously about how you must differentiate yourself or your brand will die. I also point out that differentiating yourself is the hidden key to real SEO. Just to get started, the perfect […]

If Your Branding Strategy Fails To Answer This Ridiculously Important Question, Your Brand Will Fail

It’s hard to dispute the power of branding. It’s even harder to execute on a successful branding strategy. Here is a super quick crash course in understanding and mastering strategies for branding your company. Branding is about perception. It is not about anything else. It is ONLY about How Consumers Perceive Your Brand…  This is […]

The Perfect Marketing Plan in Seven Easy Steps

My all time favorite marketing strategy is Marketing Lagniappe  and I want to share with you an extremely clever strategy and story about a commercial real estate mortgage broker  who integrated clever lagniappe tied into a lumpy mail strategy, which when understood clearly is actually a very important lesson in full funnel engagement with content marketing […]

12 Ways To Increase Your Personal Value and Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Earning Potential

“People In Prison Do Time, Unless You Are Reading This From Behind Bars, You Don’t Want To Fall Into This Same Kind of Thinking.” – Dan Kennedy As a consultant, it is easy to fall into the trap of charging for your time. After all, your time is your main cost of goods, so why […]

The SEO Formula That Never Fails and How To Make SEO Work For You

It’s not rocket science, it’s not voodoo or magic, it’s not technical and it’s not a list of best practices. It is simply a frame of mind, a simple rule of thumb that every thing you do MUST BE MEASURED AGAINST TO SURVIVE. This is something you have heard many times, and is probably not […]

Who Can Answer The Call and Make SEO Sexy Again?

The great robbery of the Vienna Bank in 1875 left many investors distraught. This was no ordinary robbery. There was no masked gunmen or runaway horse and buggy. The clever thief waltzed into the bank, sat down with dozens of customers and comfortably convinced them to give him all their money. Well, they didn’t know […]

Branding Legend Proclaims, “Be Different, Not Necessarily Better!”

Perhaps the biggest mistake companies with established brands make is focusing on being better, but being better doesn't help sell product, being different does.  During blind taste tests Pepsi beats Coke everytime. When they see the can though, Coke beats Pepsi. Clearly, Pepsi has the better taste, but Coke has the stronger brand. For Pepsi […]

Do Testimonials Work?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Do Testimonials Really Work?!" These questions are common because on the internet we know how easy it is to fake a testimonial.  The answer of course is a RESOUNDING YES!!!  Sure, testimonials that have obvious trust issues, or don't share real insight, are probably worthless, […]

Did Google Glass Make A Monumental Branding Error, and Why Being First Won’t Help Them

I remember when I created my parent company name Customer Hunter, and how proud I was for coming up with the name. I still like it a ton, but every time I speak to people and I say the name of my company on the phone, they ask me to repeat it atleast twice. Apparently, […]

Multiply Your Customers By Guaranteeing They Refer Everyone They Know

Joe was rowing his boat out in the middle of a lake for a relaxing day of fishing. A huge green snake comes up alongside the boat with a half-swallowed frog sticking out of it’s mouth. Feeling bad for the frog, Joe used his paddle to hit the snake, releasing the frog to safety. Joe felt […]