How To Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

I remember when the economic world around us was collapsing. Banks were failing, the US economy was spiraling out of control. During this time I had a conversation with a copywriter who worked on brands like crest, apple and hertz, that this seemingly doomed scenario was the perfect springboard for a small bank to make […]

The Simplest Way To Write The Perfect Unique Selling Proposition

Here is a very simple strategy for developing the perfect Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate your business from your competitors. I have discussed previously about how you must differentiate yourself or your brand will die. I also point out that differentiating yourself is the hidden key to real SEO. Just to get started, the perfect […]

If Your Branding Strategy Fails To Answer This Ridiculously Important Question, Your Brand Will Fail

It’s hard to dispute the power of branding. It’s even harder to execute on a successful branding strategy. Here is a super quick crash course in understanding and mastering strategies for branding your company. Branding is about perception. It is not about anything else. It is ONLY about How Consumers Perceive Your Brand…  This is […]

12 Ways To Increase Your Personal Value and Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Earning Potential

“People In Prison Do Time, Unless You Are Reading This From Behind Bars, You Don’t Want To Fall Into This Same Kind of Thinking.” – Dan Kennedy As a consultant, it is easy to fall into the trap of charging for your time. After all, your time is your main cost of goods, so why […]

The SEO Formula That Never Fails and How To Make SEO Work For You

It’s not rocket science, it’s not voodoo or magic, it’s not technical and it’s not a list of best practices. It is simply a frame of mind, a simple rule of thumb that every thing you do MUST BE MEASURED AGAINST TO SURVIVE. This is something you have heard many times, and is probably not […]

Free Ebook on The Little Extras That Make A Big Difference To Your Customers (Today Only)

Stan Phelps from Nine Inch Marketing is offering his book for free through this email. Just scroll down and click the link. It is a very worthwhile read.  

Branding Legend Proclaims, “Be Different, Not Necessarily Better!”

Perhaps the biggest mistake companies with established brands make is focusing on being better, but being better doesn't help sell product, being different does.  During blind taste tests Pepsi beats Coke everytime. When they see the can though, Coke beats Pepsi. Clearly, Pepsi has the better taste, but Coke has the stronger brand. For Pepsi […]