The One Objection Every Marketer Needs To Overcome

I have a secret tool I use whenever I think about a new client, industry or advertisement. A simple question I discovered that every single consumer asks themselves when encountering a marketer or an advertisement. If you can overcome this marketing objection, you are sure to drive more leads and close more deals. The question […]

The Future of Superbowl Commercials and How To Capitalize on The Big Game Without Spending Big

We all remember the blackout during the Superbowl last year.  How many of the commercials from last years Superbowl do you remember? Thinking back, I can only remember one or two commercials from the last decade of Superbowl ads. This is pretty astonishing considering how much money and effort goes into making Superbowl commercial successful. […]

Meet The Top Secret Spreadsheet That Google, Bing and Yahoo All Fear

This is the spreadsheet that has Google, Yahoo and Bing Terrified.  Every resource you can possibly imagine for SEO, and online marketing is neatly compiled in this amazing Google Doc from Annie Cushing. It Covers everything from SEO analysis, to social media marketing, to data sources for content, to infographic submission sites, etc… This doc […]

The Ultimate List of Online Marketing Case Studies with Real Examples

One of my favorite things about the SEO space is how open everyone is with their case studies and strategies. I’ve written in the past how the value of attracting links and readers through great content is usually far more valuable that keeping your SEO strategies a secret. For this reason, the best SEO’s and […]

What Is The Next Frontier in Internet Marketing Now That SEO is Practically Dead?

I have been thinking for a while about this question. Left and Right people are abandoning the SEO world. Google is getting better at ranking good quality websites, and most SEO’s today can agree that good content marketing with a solid distribution plan will accomplish most of your SEO goals as a happy bi-product of […]

Do Two of These Three Things and You Are Guaranteed To Win Customers and Grow Your Sales

About a year and a half ago I was chatting with a fascinating fellow at the Internet Retailer show in Chicago. I struck up a conversation with him when he asked the moderator during a PPC session about placing high bids in Google, and advertising with his worst CTR ad copy to drive up the […]

“My Doctor Said Drink More Fluids, So I Drink Five Cans of Cherry Coke A Day.” -Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet responded, while discussing Michael Bloombergs’ soda tax on CNBC, when asked what his thoughts were about Bloombergs opposition to sugar drinks and such… considering Warren’s  large holdings in companies like Coke and Darry Queen … “I’m 82 years old, and I eat ice cream for breakfast some days and drink 5 cans of […]