The Advanced Look at This Flawless Example of Content Marketing Awesomeness!


I remember buying a course on writing ebooks which I returned. It was a Ryan Deiss course, and I remember feeling completely ripped off that I actually canceled my GKIC membership, because his content was being published in it. Ryan basically promised me a guide to write an ebook in just a weekend. I was really excited because I have 5 or 6 books I really want to write. As I got started, his first point was… step one, read 3-5 books on the topic you want to write your ebook about. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT IN JUST A WEEKEND? Basically, his solution required months of preparation, but once you had all your ducks in a row, he gives a decent outline of how to get started. I felt really ripped off.

If only someone created a piece of content on writing ebooks in a short period of time, and every step of the way, hold my hand, and even do things for me so I can get it done quicker. Not give me more work to do, but make it easier and simpler. If only I knew about this hubspot blog post… 

Here is an advanced look at this flawless execution of content marketing awesomeness.

The last screencast I made got cut off, so in this video I speed through the entire example of this flawless content marketing blog post, and show you why it is so perfect.

TL;DR work your prospect through your funnel and every single step you tell your reader they will need to do, make it as easy as possible for them. Either by giving them a done for you solution they can download in exchange for opting in, or linking to blogpost that show example how to execute on every step of the way. This post is literally the only post I need to reference to write a complete ebook in half the time.

here is the video.

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