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I had a great webinar earlier today where I showed my process for optimizing paid search campaigns, and eliminating wasteful spending. I don’t know yet when my next webinar will be or if I will give you access to the video recording of it, please leave a comment below if you are interested in me doing this webinar again or making the video replay available.

There were some great nuggets of information covered, but the most important takeaway was the Free Resources I shared with my viewers.

For those that missed it, here are the resources I shared and some brief notes about them. The webinar covered exactly how to use them as well.

The key takeaway though was the importance of constantly adding negative keywords to your account. I showed on keyword in a client account that was broad modifier matched, and it was clicked on, in only a week, over 150 completely unique search queries. Imagine how many of those are wasted if you don’t optimize your account constantly.

As promised, here are a list of resources I shared during the webinar.

First let’s get started with my blog archives about PPC.

For competitive intelligence or to copy your competitors keywords and ads, check out:


This is a newer tool that shows you real time negative keywords…

Call tracking is super important. I use and it costs $150 a month plus a few bucks for minutes and unique phone numbers (about 20-30 dollars a month more.)

I give all my clients free call tracking software and install it too. All you need to cover is the unique phone numbers and minutes (not more than $30 a month.)

If you are interested in exploring working together on your ppc, please email me at david (at) to schedule a time to chat.

A few other call tracking options are mongoose metrics, and

Here’s a great tool for writing lots of ad variations.

Here is the spreadsheet of negative keywords I mentioned.
If that link doesn’t work, email me and I will send you it as an attachement.

Here is google’s article about negative match types.

Here are other great Adwords resources.

Last, but certainly not least, here is visual website optimizer. There is literally nothing you can do that will produce a better result that optimizing your site for better conversions. Visual Website Optimizer makes it simple to test without any coding or design knowledge.

If you want to explore working together on your PPC, please get in touch with me and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

if you are unsure if you want to work together, but still want the benefit of me taking a look at your account to help you find some easy wins to optimize, let me know and perhaps I’ll analyze it during another live webinar.


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