How To Advertise on Mobile in 2015 – Cracking The Code of Effective Mobile Advertising

I Clicked on a Mobile Ad Today and For The First Time It Wasn’t an Accident One of the best parts of being in advertising and marketing is that the ads I am exposed to while going about my daily life are always more targeted than other industries. This is because marketers typically test their […]

Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is finally in the mainstream and marketing bloggers are screaming from the rooftops about getting your mobile strategy in order. The problem is that almost no one is giving advice beyond having a mobile friendly site. I hope to do a series of posts about best practices for mobile marketing and understanding the […]

How To Save Money on Advertising Costs

One of the most annoying business practices I come across (and honestly think is very short sighted) is this crazy idea called “Commission Sales People.” I get the attraction. You only pay them when they make you money, so you can mitigate your risk. It’s a very defensible business position, because the sales person hopefully […]

Clever Ad for Anchorman on Reddit

  Have you ever seen banner ads on the internet talk to each other? What about fight with each other? This is a super clever ad. One that grabs the eye, and forces you to read it, and win a dodge durango. Ads on entertainment sites, like reddit, are very hard to convert well. This […]

How To Reach Buyers Searching For Commercial Real Estate With Actual Purchase Intent, Without Wasting Time and Money on The Tire Kickers

Today Google Adwords rolled out a new feature for targeting in their display network that focuses on “In-Market Buyers” and avoids paying for impressions and clicks for all the other people who are just browsing but have no purchase intent. One of the big problems with display advertising historically is that you end up wasting […]

“Daddy, Why Is That Man Eating Kittens?!” – The Future of TV Commercials and Advertising If All Goes According To Plan

After reading this comic, I am really wondering if this is the future of advertising. I already see some companies optimizing display ads to not get clicked, so they can get free impressions, and drive increases in search volume, brand mentions, etc… Crazy!!! by Zach Weiner from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Whats The Difference Between a Ten Million Dollar Business and a Billion Dollar Business?

The story goes that Dennis was looking for a Diamond engagement ring for his fiance, and was speaking with Jerry the Jeweler, who promised him the ring for below cost. When Dennis inquired about how Jerry can sell it below cost, Jerry quipped, "Because I buy it for less than below cost."  The story is meant […]

Only Pay For The Best Performing Banner Ads With New Design Contest Marketplace Dispop

Design contests have been around for years and were one of the earliest successful crowsourcing models. The concept is simple, instead of paying one designer for a few concepts, offer a prize to the winner and get many designers competing with their concepts. The higher the prize, the more designers will compete. When I ran […]

Ebay Knows What You Did (Bought) Last Summer and Is Not Afraid To Use It…

Running successful banner ad campaigns or “Display” campaigns are a really big challenge for many marketers. For the most part, this ad inventory is used for branding advertising which doesn’t show a direct response measurement and is therefore too cost prohibitive for your average small advertiser. I get asked all the time how to run […]

Twitter Advertising Releases Powerful Targeting Tools For Small Businesses

Twitter rolled out their advanced advertising interface to small businesses today. Enabling advertisers to target by device, gender, and similar audiences. In a post about New Powerful Advertising Tools on Twitter’s advertising blog they explain in more detail. Our self-service advertisers can now target interests in two specific ways. First, they can target users with the […]