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I Really Didn’t Mean To Cut Off Your Hand, But I Had No Choice When You Reached For My Chips

Business is personal. Not in the sense you think. I mean, You Need To Make Business Decisions that are in your Personal Interests, Because Everyone Is Is Making Decisions That is In Their Personal Interest. When it comes to your needs versus your adversaries needs, they will always choose their needs first. The sooner you […]

Robert Ringers Theory of Intimidation and How To Make Sure You End Up On The Winning Side of Your Negotiations

” The Results A Person Obtains Are Inversely Proportionate To The Degree To Which He Is Intimidated.” – Robert Ringer in Winning Through Intimidation Robert Ringer in His landmark book Winning Through Intimidation has opened my eyes to a reality that while difficult to face, must be acknowledged and respected due to it’s clear and […]

The Marketing Law of Reciprocity and Why I Want To Give You Free Stuff

You and I, we live to connect. We pursue connecting with others constantly. Business is essentially a series of processes and relationships that working together create value. In fact, as a business, you cannot create value without a customer. You can create the potential, but without relationships, you haven’t actually created any value. I would […]

The Top Ten Most Retweeted Words and Shared Words on Facebook and How To Get Others To Spread Your Content

I just read Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas, and found some really interesting insights in his book. For those that are not familiar with Dan, he is a Social Media Scientist for Hubspot, meaning he tests and analyzes tons of data about social sharing across email, and social […]

This Simple Trick Will Get You Billboards For 10 Cents On The Dollar (90% off)

Advertising on billboards can be very effective but many times it is too cost prohibitive.Many people wonder if some forms of advertising are dying like newspapers and billboards, yet they still account for the bulk of media spend in the world. The thing you have to master is buying media at the right price. Before […]

Brad With The Hat Real Estate Marketing and The Power of Outrageous Advertising

Tonight’s episode of Raising Hope featured a brilliant real estate broker marketing himself as, “Brad With The Hat. Not With The Bat, Not With The Rat, Not With The Flat… Brad With The Hat.” This seemingly silly bit and absolutely ridiculously outrageous advertising is EXACTLY WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET. Of […]

Why Winning By Lowest Price Is A Losing Proposition For Everyone, Especially Your Customers

Probably the most common reason I hear from clients about why they couldn’t close a sale or why they can’t convert all of their leads, prospects or visitors is that their price wasn’t low enough. Especially in the Ecommerce world, everyone talks about how their is no customer loyalty, just price loyalty, and they hear […]

How Website Colors Affect International SEO and Why You Should Use Different Colors on Your Website in Different Countries

If you are responsible for a website, do SEO, or anything related to internet marketing, and you are living in 2012 or even 2010, you probably already know that usability, conversion rates and bounce rates are extremely important factors in SEO. In fact, if you are even outdated 5 years or so, you should know […]

The Real Reason You Are Losing Customers, Why They Are Abandoning Your Shopping Cart And How To Stop Them From Leaving

You know how many times I walked into a store, filled my cart with things I wanted to buy, and than just walked away? You know how shopping carts I’ve abandoned online? Probably 7 out of 10 times that I am in need of something and even plan on buying it, I end up abandoning […]

The Unspoken Promise Your Search Rankings Make To Your Customers and Why You Should Double Check Your Rankings Visually

There is a hilarious Snippet in a Search Results Page on DuckDuckGo from the Wikipedia page that states “The theory of Gravity is a Hoax…” I don’t know where DuckDuckGo pulls their snippet from, but if they are like most search engines, it either comes from the pages meta description, the Open Directory Listing, or […]