Robert Ringers Theory of Intimidation and How To Make Sure You End Up On The Winning Side of Your Negotiations

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” The Results A Person Obtains Are Inversely Proportionate To The Degree To Which He Is Intimidated.” – Robert Ringer in Winning Through Intimidation

Robert Ringer in His landmark book Winning Through Intimidation has opened my eyes to a reality that while difficult to face, must be acknowledged and respected due to it’s clear and obvious truthfulness. He explains, ” It was in the deals in which I had been intimidated that I had taken the greatest financial beatings; and it was in the situations in which I had been intimidated the least that I had made out the best.”

It is clear from this theory, that when selling or negotiating you need to lay out a specific plan to keep from being intimidated. You have to find a way to trade places with the principal; From now on you have to be the intimidator and find a way to maneuver the principal into the role of the intimidatee. This philosophy laid the ground work for another Ringer Theorem.

Posture Theory – “This Theory States That It’s Not What You Say Or Do That Counts, But What Your Posture Is When You Say Or Do it.”

In real estate sales for example, the posture of being “only a broker” will leave you as just an unnecessary annoyance in the principals deal. It doesn’t matter  what you know, if you are perceived as only a broker, you will be in a weak position and be intimidated. Often leading to renegotiated lower fees, and other attempts to cut you out piece by piece.

So, if Intimidation is the Problem, and Weak Posture is the Cause, than what is the cure? “A Powerful Image.”

This is the fundamental philosophy that led to Robert Ringers concept of, “Show Up Like No One Else.” or  Dan Kennedy’s “Shock and Awe” package.

I just read today about Donny Deutsch, a famous copywriter, when soliciting a major automotive company, he mailed them a steering wheel, with the message, “let me steer you in the right direction.” He than followed up with a muffler in the mail, with an equally whimsical and relevant message. Imagine being the Automotive executive and getting a muffler or a steering wheel in the mail? How could you possibly ignore the message.

Dan Kennedy Says, ” If You Lose A Customer On Price, You Lost Them Long Before Hand.”

What Dan means is that you failed to position yourself with a powerful image. One that eliminates the possibility of being compared to another product based on price or any other factor. Your first order of business should be making sure they cannot draw a comparison between you and others, and nothing does this better than “Showing Up Like No One Else.”

So, if You want to win in a negotiation, you need to find a way to position yourself with a POWERFUL IMAGE, and others will be too intimidated to challenge you, and negotiate you down, their fear of losing you in the first place will intimidate them into silence.
Robert Ringer accomplished this by flying his clients by private jet to look at properties, sending a hard cover book full of testimonials, and WOW FACTOR all over it, so he was no longer just another broker, but he was, “That Private Jet Flying, Huge Deal Negotiating Mysterious and Powerful Broker from a Foreign

Place, Who Would Just as Quickly Walk Out The Door Than Stick Around To Be Negotiated Down.”

Just think about all the things you wanted
to tell a client or boss, but held yourself back because you were too intimidated to open your mouth.

It is a Simple Choice… You Can Either BE INTIMIDATED, or WIN THROUGH INTIMIDATION.


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