Brad With The Hat Real Estate Marketing and The Power of Outrageous Advertising

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Tonight’s episode of Raising Hope featured a brilliant real estate broker marketing himself as, “Brad With The Hat. Not With The Bat, Not With The Rat, Not With The Flat… Brad With The Hat.” This seemingly silly bit and absolutely ridiculously outrageous advertising is EXACTLY WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET.

Of course you need the goods to back up your efforts, but finding a way to get noticed, and get people talking about you, even laugh at you is the first step in AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action.)

As someone who lives and breathes marketing and advertising, I can assure you that when I come across a brilliant ad, I tell everyone who will listen to me about it. Dan Kennedy, using the great folks at Direct Marketing Concierge, mailed me a golden bullet to promote his Wild Wild West Themed super conference. I told dozens of business owners about the conference, about the mailing, and have every intention on running direct mail campaigns through Direct Marketing Concierge.

Birchbox, a brilliant company that found a way to CHARGE PEOPLE FOR SAMPLES… discovered that biggest driver of their growth was the fact that their subscribers received their personalized BirchBox in the mail at the office and talked about it with co-workers. They found that by Giving Customers Something To Talk About, They drove massive viral growth and referrals and the next month, a bunch of co-workers signed up for their own personalized BirchBox.

People are bored, desperate for entertainment and distraction. Real Estate brokers are a dime a dozen, so even something as silly as Brad with the Hat can be a big winner by being noticed, standing out, showing up like no one else…

You See, The Best Way To Close A Sale Is To Show Up Like No One Else.

SIB Consulting showed up like no one else when they sent a huge pair of cutting shears in the mail to prospects to promote their cost cutting services. Dan Kennedy did it with a Golden Bullet, I once even pitched a Commercial Mortgage Broker to mail a pair of brass balls to property owners. Using direct mail with lumpy mail or 3d mail is one of the few time tested and proven strategies to find clients in an environment where your competition is no where to be found, and if you really do it right, they cant even figure out that you have competition.

So, if you really want your advertising to work. Think about being silly, being outrageous, and shocking your prospects…but make sure not to forget that getting their attention is only step one. You still Need to pique their interest, inspire their desire, and motive them to take ACTION…

If you want to read more, consider Bill Glazers book Outrageous Advertising That Is Outrageously Successful, or if you are bored… just watch tonights episode of Raising Hope and take notes when Brad With The Hat Shows Up…

Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get From Their Current Advertising

What outrageous advertisements have caught your eye and inspired you to tell everyone you know about it?

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