This Simple Trick Will Get You Billboards For 10 Cents On The Dollar (90% off)

Advertising on billboards can be very effective but many times it is too cost prohibitive.Many people wonder if some forms of advertising are dying like newspapers and billboards, yet they still account for the bulk of media spend in the world. The thing you have to master is buying media at the right price.

Before I start explaining this simple trick to get billboards for super cheap, I just want to cover the ethical side of the fence. While this strategy involves no deception or dishonesty, it requires recognizing that when it comes to buying media, it’s you against them. They have a fiscal responsibility to charge you as much as possible, and often are commission earning salesmen, who will do whatever they can to get you to commit to as long of a commitment as possible spending as much money as possible. Media Salesmen are amongst the savviest out there, and most of the time, the amount they charge is never fixed and never based on their hard cost to deliver your ads. In fact, printing a new page in a newspaper that is already going to print costs almost nothing. Definitely not the thousands of dollars they would try to charge you. While I think they do a great job, when you are on the other side of the fence you have to face the reality that… THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AS LONG AS THEY DONT LOSE THE SALE.

Many of you know that you can buy remnant media, which is basically a billboard that the company could not rent out, usually because its placement doesn’t get enough exposure to drive business at a cost effective level. When a billboard goes unsold for a while, the media company is basically desperate to sell that space. Think about it this way…The cost of running your ad on that billboard is covered by you and is virtually non-existent to the media company. They would gladly put up a board there if they could rent it, even for dirt cheap. Usually, when they offer you these discounts they try to lock you into a contract for 6 months, or atleast 3 months. It is crucial for you to hold out and say you are only willing to try the billboard for one month. Here’s why…

Since this billboard is remnant, it is very hard for the media company to sell it. So, if you advertise on it, and than stop advertising, they are likely not going to find someone to take your place right away. It usually takes them up to 6 months to sell it to someone else.

The Secret is recognizing that it costs more money for the billboard company to take down your board once its up than it does to just leave it.

So, negotiate for your remnant space but only agree to try it for one month. After one month is up, regardless of whether it worked well or not, cancel your order.

What you will discover is that at least 50% of your billboard will stay up for 6 months FOR FREE!!!

Now, since the difference between success and failure for billboards could very well be the price, this can usually push your media spend over the line to profitability.

If you are uncomfortable buying media this way, think about the poor commission salesman who wont be getting any commissions on that impossible to sell remnant board if you didn’t jump in to rescue you and at least give him one months revenue. It’s a win win if you really think about it.

What tricks have you stumbled upon to get you cheap advertising?

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  1. Great post Dave! What’s a good way to locate these remnant space billboards? Asking the salesman directly or is there another way to figure out if a billboard has been sitting there for awhile?

  2. Like to know more about how to buy boards for 10 cents on dollar. Thank you. Ron Lucas


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