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Battle For Mobile Market Share and Where Microsoft Went Wrong; A Tough Lesson In Branding

If you aren’t thinking about how to find and engage customers on mobile devices and tablets yet, time is running out. This morning I saw a discussion about a Microsoft Memo from 1993 predicting… “The power of having the worlds information – and people – on line at any time is too compelling to resist.” […]

How To Turn Your Personal LifeHack Into a Business or… How To Profit From Your Simple Ingenuity.

Every once in a while we come up with a simple solution to an aggravating annoyance in our lives, and than wonder if it’s a good enough idea to make money from it. There is an interesting discussing on Hacker News about a “Thing” a blogger built for himself and was wondering how to market […]

How To Choose a Company Name, and Does Your Company Name Really Matter?

A friend of mine was launching a new product and thought he had the perfect name possible. It was short, memorable, had a funky spelling, and seemed to imply exactly what his company does. Seemed like a perfect name to him, so much so that he fell in love with it. When he tried to […]

“The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated,” said SEO… and Why I Chose A Career In Search Engine Optimization and Marketing…

SEO and PPC are hardly glamorous careers. In fact, outside of the white hat SEO community, it’s quite lonely. Few people understand what you do, many have been taken advantage of snake oil salesmen selling services pretending it is SEO or PPC, or just plain jane taken you and your money for a ride. Talking […]

You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make An Omelet

During Hurricane Sandy, Reddit sent my blog over 1000 visitors. The few who posted comments on Reddit were aggressively critical, and vulgar. The main point was that it was cruel and selfish of me to “make” a guy deliver sushi to me during Hurricane Sandy. My post was actually more about praising this delivery guy, […]