The Top Ten Most Retweeted Words and Shared Words on Facebook and How To Get Others To Spread Your Content

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I just read Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas, and found some really interesting insights in his book. For those that are not familiar with Dan, he is a Social Media Scientist for Hubspot, meaning he tests and analyzes tons of data about social sharing across email, and social networks, and publishes much of his insight on his blog at .

The truth is, the best part about the book was it only cost $5, and it came today in the mail, when I only ordered it yesterday afternoon. While I definitely have dozens of pages dog-eared in the book, and got my money’s worth, I can hardly call it a book, as it is only 64 pages, took me an hour to read, and Dan probably cranked it out in a weekend. It looks like many repurposed blog posts of his, etc.. Although, I should point out that Dan probably spent months and months doing the research that is shared in the book.

As promised here is his list of the Most retweeted words on twitter…

  1. You
  2. Twitter
  3. Please
  4. retweet
  5. post
  6. blog
  7. social
  8. free
  9. media
  10. help

That’s right, Please Retweet is on the list and supports Robert Ringers philosophy that “JUST ASKING AND THAN ASKING AGAIN… IS Often The difference between success and failure.”

In the case of twitter, asking is very easily interpreted by the reader as a personalized comment or request of them, and they are likely to respond for many reasons including the hope for reciprocity, which is also a fundamental marketing rule, and a concept that Dan Zarrella found to be a big influencer of motivating the sharing of ideas.

Here is the list of the most shared words on Facebook…

  1. Facebook
  2. Why
  3. Most
  4. How
  5. Health
  6. Bill
  7. Big
  8. Best
  9. Video
  10. You

So, while the behavior of sharing on facebook and twitter is different, it seems that one of the ingredients is making the message appear to be talking directly to the reader.

If you want to know the least shareable and retweetable words, you will have to read Dan’s Book or Blog…

P.S. This book is part of the Domino Project which is intended to get people to share the book with others, and this post is part of my efforts to encourage you to buy Dan’s Book as I already plan on sharing this book with a co-worker of mine… If you want to borrow it after him, just comment below. Let’s see if the Domino Project takes off..I am a fan of it.


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  1. I have to admit that seeing you can make ‘please retweet’ out of the top words on twitter does remind me of the ridiculous amount of spam that I see directed towards actors. “I love you, please retweet me x1.” “I love you, please retweet me x2,” and so on until they’re posting x100. But, this isn’t the trials and tribulations of someone who is popular with teenage girls, but business. Taking out the keywords, I’m glad you mentioned reciprocity in this post, because in business, I really think this is the best part of Facebook and Twitter, is the peer to peer interaction. People always seem more motivated to send a tweet than post a blog comment and the ease of communication – whether it includes those words – is much better advertisement than social media spam.

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