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Ten Rules Of Marketing You Simply Can’t Afford To Ignore

As you know, I am a big fan of Dan Kennedy. His books are responsible for a big portion of my understanding of Copywriting and what motivates human behavior. In his book, No B.S. Direct Marketing For Non Direct Marketing Businesses, he proposes ten marketing rules that you should post somewhere you can see every […]

A Man Without A Smiling Face Must Not Open A Shop

If you think that Dale Carnegie was a wise man, consider this ancient Chinese proverb that Mr. Carnegie discussed in his book. Such an important piece of advice, it is worth repeating… “A Man Without A Smiling Face Must Not Open A Shop!”   -Chinese Proverb Carnegie continues, “Your smile is a messenger of your good […]

The Top Ten Golden Rules of Advertising From Advertising Greats

Writing Killer ads is a rare skill that few bother to fully master. These legends can probably take credit for selling more product and creating more wealth than anyone else in the world. Folks like David Ogilvy are worth studying at length, and if you consider how much effort they put into choosing their words, […]

How To Come Up With The Perfect Gift Ideas…In Your Sleep

My first wedding anniversary was a great lesson in gift giving. I racked my brain for ideas of a great gift to commemorate what I still consider to be the greatest event of my life. I ran some Google searches and discovered that a clock is somehow a symbolic gift for first anniversaries. So, I […]

The Only Marketing Bible You’ll Ever Need. Plus, A Proven Marketing Strategy You Can Easily Implement Today

There are lots of excellent marketing books out there, some are even must reads, like Claude Hopkins, “Scientific Advertising, or David Ogilvy’s, “Confessions of an Ad Man.” I would be remiss if  I didn’t recommend Al Ries and Jack Trout’s game changing book, “Positioning,” and I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t […]

The Super-Powerful Secret That Drives Black Friday Sales Success and How You Can Replicate it Year-Round

Last night I went to Best Buy at 1:00am to try to get a new laptop and maybe grab one of their Door Busterin TV deals. When I saw the line to pay, I bounced and went home. Why would I shlepp out to a store at one in the morning, and than just leave […]

How To Avoid Being The Turkey of Your Industry, While Racking Up Thanks Just By Giving

The year was 1858, the Date was November 22nd, and there was joy in the air. The Gold Rush was in high gear, and everyone was out prospecting. On this particular day, General William Larimer, a land speculator from eastern Kansas, placed cottonwood logs to stake a claim on the bluff overlooking the confluence of the […]

Why Is This Search Marketer Telling You To Stay Away From SEO and PPC?

The glamor of number one rankings in Google literally pays my bills. I built my career in search marketing selling SEO and scaling PPC for clients and have the pitch down pat. I have a rule about marketing that states, “Business Owners and Marketing Directors are not in business to make money. They are in […]

Claim Your $100 Twitter Advertising Credit

Twitter announced they are giving away $1,000,000 in advertising credits this holiday season in the form of $100 credits to the first 10,000 businesses to sign up. Claim Your Credit Here. The requirements are the following. Is your business based in the U.S? Do you Tweet regularly? Do you have a fully filled out bio […]

How You Can Instantly Jump To The Top Of Your Industry and Why No One Needs To Die To Make You King

Probably the biggest fib created in the Business world is the belief that, “You Need To Pay Your Dues and Work Your Way Up From The Bottom To Get To The Top.” Just in case President Obama isn’t proof enough for you, let’s start off examining the root of this limiting perception. First, the people […]