Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is finally in the mainstream and marketing bloggers are screaming from the rooftops about getting your mobile strategy in order.

The problem is that almost no one is giving advice beyond having a mobile friendly site. I hope to do a series of posts about best practices for mobile marketing and understanding the unique opportunities they present.

First though you should go through this great presentation about mobile eating the world.

Now that we see how dominant mobile is the primary screen, especially for the next generation, it is important to not just make sure your site is mobile friendly, but that your goals are mobile friendly as well.
While mobile is the dominant tech device, it is almost always used in conjunction with other devices. So a consumer might search for a flight on their computer, pick up the search on their phone, and complete the transaction on their tablet.
There are many great ad companies that can you help you bridge the gap between devices without cookies, and we will cover them…but the first step is understanding three fundamental issues.
1. A computer should never ask for information it can get automatically. This means that a mobile phone should never need to ask for location, etc… because it can get it from other sources.
With the growth of sensors and the Internet of things, mobile devices will be able to detect all sorts of things automatically…for example if it sees you standing in front of the milk aisle in the grocery store it can send a push notification to your device with a coupon or info. about milk expiration dates.
Instead of asking for business cards at conferences, a sensor can see if someone is lingering by a booth and let you engage that person later.
Start thinking about all the information you can gather without directly asking for it , and if you must ask for it, think about the most frictionless way to do so. (i.e. a social login is easier than typing an email address)
2. Think about micro-conversions. What info can you capture or action can you trigger that lets you pick up the conversation on different device at a later time. For example, maybe offer a conversion that says, we’ll email you later when you are by a computer with a link so you can find us easily.
If you buy junk cars, like my client oldjunkcar.com maybe you offer a way to scan a vin number, and take pics and upload them and we’ll push a quote to you minutes later. That’s certainly easier than filling a lengthy form.
I will discuss these more in depth…but if you aren’t already… it’s time to think about mobile strategy from the ground up.
It’s not good enough to make sure you website is clean and pretty on a mobile device.

You need to re-engineer the experience to be optimal and frictionless for mobile.

3. 100% of mobile users have a phone. Think about ways to make click to call a worthwhile conversion for you.

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