How To Buy More Advertising For Less Money, Even From a Commission Salesman

One of the most annoying business practices I come across (and honestly think is very short sighted) is this crazy idea called “Commission Sales People.” I get the attraction. You only pay them when they make you money, so you can mitigate your risk. It’s a very defensible business position, because the sales person hopefully […]

Amazon Will Now Ship Items Before You Even Order Them!

According to a USAToday story today, Online retail giant Amazon says it knows its customers so well it can start shipping even before orders are placed. Amazon filed for the patent last month, and it seems to be another piece to their game of cutting shipping times down. I don’t know how this will translate […]

The Perfect Marketing Plan in Seven Easy Steps

My all time favorite marketing strategy is Marketing Lagniappe  and I want to share with you an extremely clever strategy and story about a commercial real estate mortgage broker  who integrated clever lagniappe tied into a lumpy mail strategy, which when understood clearly is actually a very important lesson in full funnel engagement with content marketing […]