Only Pay For The Best Performing Banner Ads With New Design Contest Marketplace Dispop


Design contests have been around for years and were one of the earliest successful crowsourcing models. The concept is simple, instead of paying one designer for a few concepts, offer a prize to the winner and get many designers competing with their concepts. The higher the prize, the more designers will compete.

When I ran my first design contest for a new website I was building for a client, I realized that one of the big problems with a design contest is you are choosing the design that you like, not necessarily the one that converts best or serves your marketing needs more successfully. 

Along comes Dispop, a new design marketplace focused just on banner ads, that lets you create a banner ad design contest, but the winner is not chosen by you, but rather the design with the highest Click Through Rate wins. You still have lots of influence on which designs compete in your advertising test. 

Basically, you write the ad copy, and create a design brief. Designers submit concepts, and you choose 5 or 10, or more depending on the package you order of designs to test. The site than integrates with google ads or facebook advertising and runs a limited advertising test to see which design gets the highest CTR, and the top ads split the prize. 

An excellent idea definitely worth exploring .I just hope someone does with landing pages and A/B tests it, that would be awesome. 

There is already a service for text ads called BoostCTR where you only pay if your text out gets a higher CTR than the control ad its competing against. 

Check it out if you have a chance and let me know your thoughts. 

I should note though that some clever brands that pay per click on their ads, and track the lift their impressions have on their search traffic, etc… might optimize for lower click through rates so they can get more impressions for less money. Perhaps they can mine the losing ads for inspiration. 

Regardless, this is a clever concept which I hope to experiment with one of these days. 

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