The Good Old Get Rich Quick Internet Days Are Back. Here’s The 2014 Guide For Cashing In

There was time not too long ago when cashing in on search engine traffic and the internet in general were open season. Anyone could rank with little effort, and the opportunities to cash in were endless. It seemed like anyone could pick a niche, launch an adsense site with some decent content and pull in […]

Is Your Company Ready For The Next Ten Years?

I still remember the day I decided to master traffic generation and online marketing. To be fair I was a very early internet user, logging onto BBS’s and racking up my parents long distance phone bills on my 386 dx2 computer and ridiculously slow modem. I was still in elementary school, and I feel very […]

Revealed: Nine Hidden Gems of The SEO and Content Marketing Worlds

I still remember that day that I had an epiphany so obvious, but so true it changed my life. This insight that has guided me well all of these years. The unbelievably important concept that… “Most problems and challenges are not unique to one person. Odds are, If you are facing a challenge, task or […]

The Advanced Look at This Flawless Example of Content Marketing Awesomeness!

I remember buying a course on writing ebooks which I returned. It was a Ryan Deiss course, and I remember feeling completely ripped off that I actually canceled my GKIC membership, because his content was being published in it. Ryan basically promised me a guide to write an ebook in just a weekend. I was […]

A Flawless Execution of Content Marketing: The Perfect Example of Content That Pulls The Right People Into Your Funnel.

Content marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood strategy online. I discuss in this video why I think that is, and show an example of what I believe is a perfect example of content marketing done right. For those who don’t have time to watch 5 minutes of video, the short of it is… map out […]

The Ultimate List of Online Marketing Case Studies with Real Examples

One of my favorite things about the SEO space is how open everyone is with their case studies and strategies. I’ve written in the past how the value of attracting links and readers through great content is usually far more valuable that keeping your SEO strategies a secret. For this reason, the best SEO’s and […]

What Is The Next Frontier in Internet Marketing Now That SEO is Practically Dead?

I have been thinking for a while about this question. Left and Right people are abandoning the SEO world. Google is getting better at ranking good quality websites, and most SEO’s today can agree that good content marketing with a solid distribution plan will accomplish most of your SEO goals as a happy bi-product of […]

The Cliff Notes Guide To Creating Killer Viral Content That Attracts Hundreds of Links and Thousands of Shares

Every once in a while you come across the perfect example of linkbait, or link worthy content. Content so compelling you have no choice but to link to it, share it, shout from the rooftops, because when you share it, it adds value to your audience,  and ultimately makes you feel good. I came across […]

The Perfect Marketing Plan in Seven Easy Steps

My all time favorite marketing strategy is Marketing Lagniappe  and I want to share with you an extremely clever strategy and story about a commercial real estate mortgage broker  who integrated clever lagniappe tied into a lumpy mail strategy, which when understood clearly is actually a very important lesson in full funnel engagement with content marketing […]

Kevin Spacey Exposes The Secret To Successful Marketing… Give People What They Want…People Just Want Stories!

I still remember the day I first heard about this brilliant Kevin Spacey Video. It was today and I really don’t have much of a story here… It was simply meant to illustrate a point that you are still reading, most likely because this post started off as a story. I can assure you that […]