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New Study: Facebook Will Win The Multi Screen Battle During The SuperBowl This Year.

This is the year of multi device engagement for Super Bowl viewers. Advertisers know this and have been doing everything they can think of to gain an edge before hand. Both with releasing teasers, as well as some releasing their entire commercial in advance. Some have even garnered millions of views already. Many brands consider […]

Dannon Turns Up The Heat on Super Bowl Advertisers With Reddit AMA Featuring The Full House Cast

This year Super Bowl Advertisers are battling to win the online and social game. Many are pre-gaming with paid search ads some even with hashtags. Now, Cannon Oikos ups the ante to the big leagues by having the cast from full house and their bromance commercial do an AMA on reddit. The reddit thread sits […]

#SuperBowl Advertisers Turn To PPC Advertising To Capture Big Game Searchers

The 2014 Super Bowl is upon us and it’s always interesting to see how advertisers try to capture the value they create with their Super Bowl campaigns. This year the big game will be winning mobile engagement during the game. I was doing my own pre-game research when I discovered that many advertisers are prepared […]

No Follow All Your Backlinks or Feel Google’s Wrath

Google revolutionized internet search when they recognized that hyper links more than just connect the internet but also serve as editorial votes in favor of the linked to content. By looking at who is linking to who, Google found a way to use machines to basically crowdsource their efforts of determining what a page is […]

Amazon Will Now Ship Items Before You Even Order Them!

According to a USAToday story today, Online retail giant Amazon says it knows its customers so well it can start shipping even before orders are placed. Amazon filed for the patent last month, and it seems to be another piece to their game of cutting shipping times down. I don’t know how this will translate […]

The Future of Superbowl Commercials and How To Capitalize on The Big Game Without Spending Big

We all remember the blackout during the Superbowl last year.  How many of the commercials from last years Superbowl do you remember? Thinking back, I can only remember one or two commercials from the last decade of Superbowl ads. This is pretty astonishing considering how much money and effort goes into making Superbowl commercial successful. […]

Follow Me at Affiliate Summit West 2014 #ASW14

I am heading out to Las Vegas in a few hours to attend Affiliate Summit West, and I am really excited. I am attending on a press pass thanks to you, my wonderful readers. I don’t know what limitations I will have as far as live blogging goes, but I downloaded a live blogging plugin, […]

How To Succeed With Social Media and Content Marketing In Boring Industries

Are you stuck in a boring industry wondering how you are ever going to create content that is interesting? This is a question I get often from friends and clients. “I sell prefab concrete, how in the world can you develop a social media strategy around selling massive blocks of prefabricated concrete?” Well, here’s one […]