The Ultimate List of Ways To Make Money Online

There is a great shared document put together by Fred Wilson listing all the different revenue models currently used online. This list is literally the most comprehensive source I have ever seen showing how to monetize a website, app or audience. If you are running a business online, how many of these different revenue models […]

In The Spirit of Sandy Relief, and Holiday Giving, Here is One Of The Most Overlooked Factors In How People Choose Who To Donate To?

Many of you may not know this, but I have extensive background and experience in the fundraising world. Over the years, and spanning millions of dollars in donations generated, I have learned a few important details about what drives people to donate to a specific organization over many others. The answer may just surprise you, […]

Are You Making The Most Common Marketing Mistake?

Every time I look outside at billboards, flip through a newspaper or magazine any other form of mass media, I get this gut-wrenching feeling that someone’s money is being wasted on advertising that could have easily been avoided just by giving me a call, or reading this blog post. It really bothers me when I […]

Take It All Is The Cruelest Game Show Ever and Why Howie Mandel Should Stick To Judging Cute Dogs or Go Back To Canada

This post isn’t directly related to marketing, but it does involve human emotion and many of the worst character traits that drive businesses into the ground. Business should be about creating value, giving to others in exchange for compensation. When a business or TV Show fails to create value, but rather insists on taking peoples […]

How To Motivate Your Staff To Upsell Your Customers

Suggest-Sell promotions, or upselling is something as simple as asking, “Do You Want Fries With That?” While many businesses, specifically restaurants encourage their sales staff to promote extra items like desserts to customers, most waiters/waitresses and sales reps fail to really push them effectively. This of course is a big shame, because getting customers to […]

The Most Valuable Website On The Entire Internet

A pretty big and bold claim that is…The Most Valuable Website On The Entire Internet. I mean, there is Google, Amazon, Facebook and who knows what other multi billion dollar websites that exist throughout the world… Baidu, Alibaba, Etc… yet this one, little known website, not only makes that bold claim, but very well might […]

Ten Rules Of Marketing You Simply Can’t Afford To Ignore

As you know, I am a big fan of Dan Kennedy. His books are responsible for a big portion of my understanding of Copywriting and what motivates human behavior. In his book, No B.S. Direct Marketing For Non Direct Marketing Businesses, he proposes ten marketing rules that you should post somewhere you can see every […]

A Man Without A Smiling Face Must Not Open A Shop

If you think that Dale Carnegie was a wise man, consider this ancient Chinese proverb that Mr. Carnegie discussed in his book. Such an important piece of advice, it is worth repeating… “A Man Without A Smiling Face Must Not Open A Shop!”   -Chinese Proverb Carnegie continues, “Your smile is a messenger of your good […]

The Top Ten Golden Rules of Advertising From Advertising Greats

Writing Killer ads is a rare skill that few bother to fully master. These legends can probably take credit for selling more product and creating more wealth than anyone else in the world. Folks like David Ogilvy are worth studying at length, and if you consider how much effort they put into choosing their words, […]

How To Come Up With The Perfect Gift Ideas…In Your Sleep

My first wedding anniversary was a great lesson in gift giving. I racked my brain for ideas of a great gift to commemorate what I still consider to be the greatest event of my life. I ran some Google searches and discovered that a clock is somehow a symbolic gift for first anniversaries. So, I […]