The Most Valuable Website On The Entire Internet

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A pretty big and bold claim that is…The Most Valuable Website On The Entire Internet. I mean, there is Google, Amazon, Facebook and who knows what other multi billion dollar websites that exist throughout the world… Baidu, Alibaba, Etc… yet this one, little known website, not only makes that bold claim, but very well might be able to back it up. If you don’t know what website I am referring to yet, than you probably never heard of it before.

Crazy? I know… How could a website that you never heard of possibly be the most valuable website that exists? To be honest, I don’t know if the website can really back up the claim it makes, but here is what I do know…

1. The amount of money people make from the secrets, strategies, and information unveiled on this website certainly account for Billions of Dollars a year in sales, revenues and profits.

2. I personally do not know a single website that exists with more valuable information about marketing, sales, copy writing, and how to make money.

3. The amount of money people have paid for this EXACT information, is several thousand dollars.

4. The source of the information is considered to be by far one of, if not THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COPYWRITER and MARKETER you Never Heard Of… Like Ronald Reagan had on his desk, “man can achieve anything so long as he doesn’t care who takes the credit.” This man probably was responsible for some of the biggest money making campaigns ever, even if you never heard of him.

5. Marketing Gurus galore are featured in interviews on this website, and only have the highest praises to sing for the late author of this amazing website, and would probably agree that it is the single most valuable website on the entire internet.

Every great or aspiring marketer taps into the knowledge and experience of the great ones before them. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we share and learn from each other. One of the most important strategies for a marketer to employ is to build a SWIPE FILE of all the great advertisements they encounter to use to inspire new ideas, as well as to identify and understand consumers, how they think and what copy works best to sell them. In fact, there are many Swipe Files out there you can buy, where you can literally plug in your information and use the ad without worrying about copyright holders, etc… The bottom line is that learning from your own marketing experiences and failures is expensive, and the best option is to learn from others mistakes and successes and improving on them.

Gary Halbert was a legendary copywriter who many consider to be the best there ever was. His letters were literally cash cows waiting to be milked, and his ads were goldmines, with valuable nuggets in every detail and nuance. He was a Genius, and his understanding of how consumers behave and how to motivate action are second to none.

He sold his library of archives for many years for thousands of dollars, but now you can get access to his letters archive online for FREE.

If value is about how much you get minus how much you give to get it…a full archive of all of Gary Halbert’s letters, used even sparingly should produce for you a better return than any other time, energy or money invested in any other advertising strategy, marketing resource, or sales tactic. His work is just sheer brilliance, and I encourage you to read every single letter carefully, or at least skim through the ones that catch your eye. (Hint: they will all catch your eye, because they were written by Gary Freakin Halbert!)

And Now.. for the moment you have all been waiting for… here is the precious link to The Most Valuable Website On The Entire Internet.

let me know which letters you found the most valuable and inspiring.

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