Dentist Marketing Breaks Local Barriers and How You Can Target Customers Beyond Your Neighborhood

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Most local businesses believe they are just that, LOCAL. After all, if you are a dentist, is it really practical to target patients half way across the country?


The answer is a resounding, YES! It does make sense, for all sorts of reasons. The first being that you open your business up to a much larger target audience. The message it sends to prospects is that this Dentist or business is so good that people from all over the country travel to get the best of the best. After all, if you are wealthy 40 something woman, recently single, looking to add a perfect smile to your resume, bringing with it tons of new found confidence and the age defying benefits that come with high end cosmetic dentistry, wouldn’t you want the best cosmetic dentist in the country? or would you limit yourself to driving distance from your office? If your patient is spending $20,000+ on procedures, whats the cost of a flight and hotel added to that? A small price to pay for the peace of mind and benefits of using the best dentist in the world.

This is probably the most overlooked advantage and opportunity businesses miss out on. Limiting themselves by their own preconceived notions and beliefs. When you open up your mind, doors start appearing everywhere. When you cross borders with your high products you paint a picture of best-in-class quality and service, and can demand a premium price. So, why not open doors, raise your prices, and do exactly what this Boston dentist did.


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