Is It Too Late To Learn SEO?

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There are first for everything. For me, doing a skype interview with Aaron Davis of Business Frame. It was extremely enjoyable, and like anything someone would be passionate about, this interview is packed with so much excellent content, especially about 38 minutes into it that I encourage you to find a free hour with a pen and paper, and watch the interview, take some notes, and really think about it.

Here are some great insights uncovered in the Interview. Follow me through my journey of teaching myself SEO from scratch, and discover how to find clients today.

  1. The One Killer SEO Resource I Can’t Live Without.
  2. Why Getting Started Learning SEO today gives you a BIG advantage.
  3. How To Separate The Good SEO Advice From The Bad SEO Advice That Can Tank Your Site.


First Great Bonus: How To Conquer Your FEAR and Accomplish Anything You Desire.

SECOND GREAT BONUS: 3 PROVEN STRATEGIES I USE MYSELF TO LAND HIGH PAYING SEO CLIENTS, and How You Can Too. (Plus, why big businesses are easier to get as clients than small local busineses.)

Check it out and let me know your favorite insights.

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