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Twitter announced they are giving away $1,000,000 in advertising credits this holiday season in the form of $100 credits to the first 10,000 businesses to sign up.

Claim Your Credit Here.

The requirements are the following.

  • Is your business based in the U.S?
  • Do you Tweet regularly?
  • Do you have a fully filled out bio and profile picture?
  • Do you have 20 or more followers?
  • Are you a new advertiser?

While Twitter claims this is only for 10,000 businesses, even if you miss out, I can’t imagine them not using this email list to offer credits to try out their advertising in the future. After all, they have been offering these credits to marketers privately, and considering people spend over $800 Million a year on promoted profiles and promoted tweets, I would assume that hey know how much they can spend to find new advertisers, and probably know that this promotion is profitable. So, sign up regardless if twitter is a place you want to explore advertising.

If you get the credit, I ill help you set your targeting to maximize it’s effects if you ask in the comments and allow me to publish the strategy and results on my blog.

Good Luck.

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