How You Can Instantly Jump To The Top Of Your Industry and Why No One Needs To Die To Make You King

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Probably the biggest fib created in the Business world is the belief that, “You Need To Pay Your Dues and Work Your Way Up From The Bottom To Get To The Top.”

Just in case President Obama isn’t proof enough for you, let’s start off examining the root of this limiting perception. First, the people who tell you to work your way up from the bottom often have a vested interest in staying on top of you. The old guard is quite frankly your competition, and the only reason they would tell you to work your way up is that they want to keep you down. They are your competition. Further, many of them took the long hard route of working their way up, paying their dues, and resent those that work smarter and move quickly to the top.

Probably one of the hardest lessons I learned is that when I seek out approval and recognition from the people I perceive to lead my industry, I hardly get noticed. When I humbly go about my business, working my magic, somehow the people I tried to get to notice me in the past suddenly notice me. While there are probably deeper fundamentals at play, it is clear that the ancient proverb is true, “Those Who Chase After Honor, Chases Honor Away. Those Who Run Away From Honor, Honor Manages To Find Them.”

I recently faced a difficult decision when I learned a famous blogger in my industry was charging the same amount I was. I knew the value I offered was worth what I charged but I had to come to grips with the reality that I was limiting myself by comparing my services to this famous blogger.
More often than not, we seek approval from the veterans in our industry to validate us and make us feel like one of the cool kids. I felt like I had to prove myself to them I felt like I couldn’t possibly be accepted if I charged more than them. The truth is they probably don’t even think about things that way. Many are out seeking others approval just the same.
There is no coronation needed. No one needs to die to make you king.
How do you become King? Well, first you need to decide that you want to be king and than you need to behave like a king. Self proclamation is fine. You just need two pieces to the puzzle. 1) The courage to proclaim yourself king and 2) The chops to backup your claims. You don’t need to be the best. You don’t need to be validated. You just need to be Good enough.
Most industry leaders, speakers, authors gurus, etc… were never coronated. They just decided they were prepared to put the effortinto writing a book, pitching speeches, creating powerful public images of themselves. Differentiating themselves from the pack and doing what it takes to stand out.

While getting approval and acceptance feels fuzzy and nice, seizing the throne is much more lucrative.
The Only People Who Have a Vote Are Your Customers And The Only Votes That Count Are Dollar Bills.

So if the people whom you seek validation from don’t give you money, it is not worth worrying about what they think…in fact, odds are all they are thinking is how to get you to notice them.

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