My Biggest Takeaway From Authority Intensive 2014

I attended an incredible conference (Authority Intensive 2014)  last week produced by the wonderful folks from Copyblogger and as promised it was jam packed with immediately actionable insights. Too many to enumerate in this one post, but to give you a taste my biggest takeaway it was from Jason Millers presentation. Without knowing Jason I […]

How To Strike Up a Conversation With a Complete Stranger (or many) at a Conference (or anywhere else)

Meeting people at conferences is hard. If you are like me, it is very easy to talk yourself out of introducing yourself to a complete stranger wandering around a conference. Yet, you are there to network. The people around you are there to network. We are all human. We crave connection. Meeting people at exhibit […]

Keep This In Mind and You’ll Have a Winning PPC Advertising Strategy

PPC Advertising Strategy -Create a Story That Flows from David Melamed Here is how you need to think about paid search. You are telling a story. You are engaged in a one on one conversation. The persons query is them asking you a question. Your ad is your answer to their question. Their Click Through […]

Place Your Ads on Real Birds – Adwords April Fools Prank

I was trying to create some display ads for a client when I found this new adwords feature which i can only hope is an April Fools prank. I clicked through to see what it lets me do and it looks like Google went all out on this one. The adbirds feature lets you choose […]

How To Create Winning Proposals in a Fraction of the Time

For the longest time my proposals were ugly. I used to believe that substance was much more important than image. I believed that if my proposals had meaningful insights, clear deliverables and timelines, and reasonable pricing, they would win over customers. I remember one story from a job I had a long time ago, where […]

What Facebooks Acquisition of Oculus VR Means For The Future of Marketing?

Facebook announced today the acquisition of virtual reality technology company Oculus VR. Engineers on Hacker News are up in arms about what it means for Facebook, a media company, to own a leader in the future of communication. The idea of immersive gaming is truly at our doorstep, and Star Trek like holodecks are on […]

How To Buy More Advertising For Less Money, Even From a Commission Salesman

One of the most annoying business practices I come across (and honestly think is very short sighted) is this crazy idea called “Commission Sales People.” I get the attraction. You only pay them when they make you money, so you can mitigate your risk. It’s a very defensible business position, because the sales person hopefully […]

Why I Started Doing Webinars and Why You Should Too

I recently decided to go exploring and started offering webinars for a very weird reason. Webinars are my hack for recording a screencast of my work. One of the main reasons webinars are such a popular marketing strategy is that event based marketing forces urgency to act and eliminates procrastination, which is the enemy of […]

Affiliate Marketers Are Suckers

“Doesn’t it make you feel dirty?” she sneered. I was at the tail end of a grueling all day interview at a top ad agency for a director of paid search position. I was sitting with the Head of Demand Generation, a fancy title which means,” I learned marketing in college, not from the streets.” […]

Learn How To Get Quick SEO Results [Free Webinar]

I ran a pretty awesome webinar today about PPC and I discovered that I can pretty much let you look over my shoulder as I work my magic. So, moving forward, I will be hosting webinars where I will show you step by step how I achieve great results for my clients. I hope to […]