My Promise To You Because I Owe It All To You

While I certainly have faith in my marketing abilities, background, and knowledge, there are a couple of small lessons that have guided me my entire life that I would like to leave this post off with. 1. No Matter How Much I Know, or Think I know. I know NOTHING. The world, and human nature […]

Your Last Cold Call – Car Wash Churning out Insurance Leads

In a previous life, I was a commercial real estate mortgage broker. My job was to make 150 cold calls a day to real estate owners, insisting that my bosses brokerage can actually get them cheaper rates and save them money. The company I worked for broke off of a major player in the space, […]

Mastering Marketing Without a Mentor

Ever since I was a little kid, I just loved marketing. The challenge I had was that I was born in a sheltered environment where my parents did not own a TV. I was surrounded by books and had minimal exposure to a newspaper. If I wanted to watch TV,(which I did) I had to […]

Born To Be a Marketer

I got my first taste of marketing when I was 5 years old and really wanted a dollar after watching the little rascals sing, “we got a dollar, we got a dollar, we got a dollar hey hey, hey hey.” So, I looked around the room for something to sell, something I could use to […]

Welcome to

Dear Readers, Welcome to, my marketing blog.. I love marketing, and spend most of my time learning and experimenting with marketing strategies and learning new tips, tricks and strategies as a hobby.I do Search Engine Marketing and Direct Response Copywriting to earn a living. This blog is my chronicle of what I learned along […]