Smash Summit 2012 Predictions for Facebook vs. Google By Dave McClure and Fred Wilson

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To end the great Smash Summit 2012 event, Dave McClure asked Fred Wilson if he is bullish or bearish on Facebook and Google. After some back and forth about how bullish or bearish Dave meant, the conversation changed to “if I Put One dollar today in Facebook, or One Dollar today in Google, which one would be worth more in 2 years, and in 5 years?

Fred Wilson – Google owns android, it is no contest, and a no brainer that owning one of the top two mobile operating systems, translates into long term dominance. Also, Google is trading at a much lower multiple of revenue that Facebook, so it is just a much better investment.

Dave McClure – You are crazy… Don’t you think that facebook could crush the search business and forever change how content is discovered? Facebook is way undermonetized and is the no brainer winner… You are Crazy.

At this Point, Fred Wilson turned to the Audience to see their opinion. For the Two Year out prediction, almost everyone sided with Fred, bringing out his inner competitor and got all up in Dave’s face.

Dave than asked the audience about 5 years out, and very few people had a prediction… It is just too far out…

Personally, I believe that Fred is right and I doubt social will ever take over search. I think mobile will own search, and google will own much of mobile.

But, why guess, when we can know for sure… So, here are the end of the day stock prices yesterday for both Facebook and Google, and let’s revisit it again in 2 Years and in 5 years.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) opened at $23.29 a share…

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) opened at $618.89 a share…

Let’s see who makes bigger return on their investment in a few years…

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