How To Promote Your Content In 2013 and a half

Advanced Content Promotion and Outreach Tactics from BuzzStream This is an incredible slideshare presentation from Buzzstream, which is a must use tool for any serious linkbuilder. To summarize, unless you have a strong community built around you, you need to invest heavily into promoting your content. Sending spammy outreach emails just don’t work well anymore. […]

Until You Do This, Your Reconsideration Request Will Be Rejected

  No one likes feeling like the floor is falling out from beneath them. Few experiences are more painful than watching your organic rankings and traffic disappear overnight. If you know how this feels, you are likely a victim of one of Google’s killer zoo animals, like the link-munching penguin feasting on your rankings. To […]

Who Can Answer The Call and Make SEO Sexy Again?

The great robbery of the Vienna Bank in 1875 left many investors distraught. This was no ordinary robbery. There was no masked gunmen or runaway horse and buggy. The clever thief waltzed into the bank, sat down with dozens of customers and comfortably convinced them to give him all their money. Well, they didn’t know […]

Don’t Be Fooled: Content Was Never King! (Video)

This is a first for me. I decided to start Video Blogging to see how well that works. Please share your feedback so I can create videos you really want to see. If you have any marketing questions you want answered, ask them in the comments, and I will answer them in a video.  Enjoy!  […]

The Only Link Building Post You’ll Ever Need Now That Penguin 2.0 Is Here!

Building links properly is perhaps one of the most elusive skills for SEO. It requires serious commitment, hard work, creativity, craftiness, resourcefulness, lots of tools, persistence, and the perfect balance between science and art. Much of the SEO world is bracing themselves  for an imminent update to Penguin, Which Matt Cutts Just Announced is Live….Penguin […]

This Is The Most Clever Link Building Tactic I Have Ever Seen

Every once in a while I come across a really clever link acquisition strategy, and today there is an excellent discussion about it.  The strategy is simple. Create an easter egg in your website source code that is really clever and creative and cool looking, and it will likely generate lots of links from popular […]

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work? The Big Myth That SEO’s Don’t Want Me To Expose

One of the most common questions I get asked about SEO is how long it will take to start seeing results. I love this question because it is one of the few areas that most SEO’s underestimate, and a huge opportunity for me to swoop in and save the day. In fact, I was reviewing […]

Is Your Website Accidentally Telling Google To Delete You From Their Search Results? It Happened To Craigslist; It Might Be Happening To You.

Is your website telling Google to ignore you? It might be if you make changes to your website without consulting a Technical SEO expert. You see, beyond the wonderful world of optimizing content and attracting links, there is a hidden layer called software. That’s right, very complex code is what makes search engines and your […]

Are You Ready For Big Google Updates To Panda and Penguin?

If you haven’t been cleaning up your link profile and focused your efforts on creating high quality content, high engagement sites, a great user experience, and of course attracting natural links, you might be in trouble. Matt Cutts announced by SMX West that Google has significant updates in the works for Penguin, as well as […]

SEO May Not Be Dead; But The Best SEO Assumes It Is

Last week, a client of mine asked me if I think SEO is dead. He heard from a friend that none of his tricks worked anymore and that SEO is a thing of the past. This is not a new sentiment. Even forbes wrote about SEO dying. My response to him was… “Every Single Day […]