#SuperBowl Advertisers Turn To PPC Advertising To Capture Big Game Searchers

The 2014 Super Bowl is upon us and it’s always interesting to see how advertisers try to capture the value they create with their Super Bowl campaigns. This year the big game will be winning mobile engagement during the game. I was doing my own pre-game research when I discovered that many advertisers are prepared […]

How To Reach Buyers Searching For Commercial Real Estate With Actual Purchase Intent, Without Wasting Time and Money on The Tire Kickers

Today Google Adwords rolled out a new feature for targeting in their display network that focuses on “In-Market Buyers” and avoids paying for impressions and clicks for all the other people who are just browsing but have no purchase intent. One of the big problems with display advertising historically is that you end up wasting […]

Two Negative Keyword Tools I Can’t Live Without

I spent most of the day today building out a PPC campaign for a new client in a very specialized B2B market. His big challenge is that while he only services commercial clients, many of the search terms overlap individuals who are too small for him to service. So, I set out to build him […]

Whats The Difference Between a Ten Million Dollar Business and a Billion Dollar Business?

The story goes that Dennis was looking for a Diamond engagement ring for his fiance, and was speaking with Jerry the Jeweler, who promised him the ring for below cost. When Dennis inquired about how Jerry can sell it below cost, Jerry quipped, "Because I buy it for less than below cost."  The story is meant […]

Google Rolls Out Click To Chat Ad Extensions

I was running a search for a brand I am researching and chanced upon an adwords ad extension click to chat. Pretty cool. I don't know how useful it is, but definitely cool. It grabs the eye and gives the impression that you are instantly available to help them. I would love to test it, […]

Are You Ready For Big Google Updates To Panda and Penguin?

If you haven’t been cleaning up your link profile and focused your efforts on creating high quality content, high engagement sites, a great user experience, and of course attracting natural links, you might be in trouble. Matt Cutts announced by SMX West that Google has significant updates in the works for Penguin, as well as […]

Marketing Just Got Smarter and So Can You With Enhanced Campaigns For Adwords

[kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main size=”32″ color=”#C00″ ]One Small Step For Advertisers, One Huge Leap For Conversion Rates…[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main] The holy grail of all marketing and advertising is scaling one on one communication. The facts on the ground though are that each and every consumer is slightly different, and as much as we have been able to personalize advertising so […]

PPC Bidding Strategies: Getting Five Cent Clicks In The Most Expensive Niches

Every time I setup a new clients adwords or bing advertising account I am faced with a very interesting Dilemma. Most of my client work in niches with top position clicks running as high as $65 to as low as $12. The obvious dilemma is do I start them off with top position bids to […]