Marketing Just Got Smarter and So Can You With Enhanced Campaigns For Adwords

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The holy grail of all marketing and advertising is scaling one on one communication. The facts on the ground though are that each and every consumer is slightly different, and as much as we have been able to personalize advertising so far, we have a long way to go. In the meantime though, it is crucially important to recognize that Effective Marketing Requires Joining the Conversation Playing Out In Your Prospects Head. Which of course requires understanding the context and intent of your prospect. 


As you can imagine, someone searching on a smart phone for local pizza probably wants a click to call ad, while someone searching on a desktop for pizza might want to place an order for delivery online. Understanding the context of your prospect and their intent as they search is One Small Step For Advertisers; One Huge Leap For Conversion Rates. 

Until now, Advertisers had to clone their campaigns with custom targeting for devices, but now, with enhanced campaigns, advertisers can adjust bids based on the location of a searcher, the device used, and the time of day all within the same campaign. They can even use different ads to optimize for that specific context and intent.

This news is actually not great for seasoned advertisers, as it opens up the competition targeting mobile devices, and it also no longer lets you target tablets separately from desktops which creates more competition, and higher bid prices.

The good news as a consumer is that now the ads I see will help me find what I am looking for quicker and easier, and the ads I see will understand the context of my search based on my location, device, and time of day.

Needless to say, you should be all over this the moment it is enabled in your account because it might just help you cut some wasteful spending and help boost conversions significantly. I know I will be playing with it the moment I am able to.


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