These Four Friendly Words Are Killing Your Sales Results, and The Six Words You Need To Save Your Sales and Boost Revenues


When was the last time you walked into a retail store? Do you remember the conversation you had with the sales rep? Odds are it looked something like this…

Sales Rep: Hi, May I Help You?

You: No Thanks, I’m Just Looking.

Sounds friendly, and pretty typical… But this conversation actually outlines a massive epidemic in the retail industry that is likely costing stores millions of dollars in sales. I am sure you are wondering what’s wrong with that exchange… I’ll tell you…

Why do you think the sales rep ask if they can help you find anything? It’s because they know you are likely to answer that you are just browsing…

Which Means The Sales Rep Can Go Back To Doing Nothing! 

That’s right, people will almost always choose the path of least resistance, the path that makes their life easier. This is a common epidemic in most businesses. Employees will often lead the conversation with customers in a way that lets them off the hook of doing real work. This likely happens subconsciously, but it is still costing your business a boatload of money.

What’s the solution? That’s quite simple too. You need to script the interaction with the customer in a way that leads to potential sales.

For example, The conversation above can play itself out better with an interaction like this.

Sales Rep: Hi, Have you ever been here before?

You: No.

Sales Rep: Great, Let me tell you about a great program we have going on for new shoppers…

or, it could go like this…

Sales Rep: Have you been here before?

You: Yes.

Sales Rep: Great, let me tell you about a great new program we have for our loyal repeat customers…

According to Michael Gerber, in his landmark book The Emyth, a simple change in a handful of words can translate into millions of dollars in sales that you miss out on…

I see the same epidemic with website copy and user experience. I have had countless clients tell me that they Don’t believe that changing the sales copy on their webpage will translate into a lift in sales… or testing call to actions and button colors really makes any difference.

This Response is Actually The Same Epidemic Your Employees Have… But In This Case, You Are The One Who Is Infected.

You see, when business owners convince themselves that small changes can’t make big differences, they are choosing the path of least resistance. It is easier for them to believe the changes don’t matter than to actually test and see for themselves.

There are countless case studies that prove everything some site speed to sales copy, to button colors to shopping cart experience that translate into big lifts in sales… Ignoring these facts, or not atleast testing them is a mistake. a very costly Mistake!

Bottom line, you are spending money bringing customers to your door. You have X amount of potential sales you can make from those efforts. Why would you not want to optimize your results to maximize on your potential???

Every touch point you have with a prospect, customer, employee, and vendor is an opportunity for you to maximize your bottom line. Why leave it to chance, and a lazy employees whims?

About David Melamed

David Melamed is the Founder of Tenfold Traffic, a search and content marketing agency with over $50,000,000 of paid search experience and battle tested results in content development, premium content promotion and distribution, Link Profile Analysis, Multinational/Multilingual PPC and SEO, and Direct Response Copywriting.


  1. Mr, Mystery says

    This is why Mystery Shopping is a good thing to use.

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