Smash Summit 2012- Startup Marketing Advice Summaries (Part 1)

I had the pleasure of attending Smash Summit 2012 today, a co-production of  500 Startups Partner Dave McClure and Next Customer founder, and my friend Jay Weintraub. I probably took more away from this event than any other marketing education and experiences I ever encountered. Brilliant Speakers, Rapid Fire Presentations, Crash Courses and Case Studies,all […]

Unfair Competitive Advantage Strategies and Examples

Gaining an Unfair Advantage over your competitors might be a hard pill to swallow, but regardless of how you feel about it, there is no question that not only do you need to protect yourself from being vulnerable to your competitors eating your lunch, you also have to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities […]

Barter Kings – Brilliant Show Exposes Down and Dirty Sales Strategies

“Sometimes It Just Boils Down to Emotions!” – Barter Kings I would argue, It always Boils down to Emotions!” Barter Kings, A new A&E reality show I accidentally stumbled upon, which premiered tonight, exposes the brutal truth about marketing and sales. The show is about folks who find a product available to trade that they […]

The Secret Sauce For Successful Blogging

Starting a blog has been on my to do list for way too long. Every time I got close to starting one, I managed to find a dozens reasons to talk myself out of it. I simply pushed it off until one day I decided to reach out to Barry Schwartz, probably the most respected […]

My Promise To You Because I Owe It All To You

While I certainly have faith in my marketing abilities, background, and knowledge, there are a couple of small lessons that have guided me my entire life that I would like to leave this post off with. 1. No Matter How Much I Know, or Think I know. I know NOTHING. The world, and human nature […]

Your Last Cold Call – Car Wash Churning out Insurance Leads

In a previous life, I was a commercial real estate mortgage broker. My job was to make 150 cold calls a day to real estate owners, insisting that my bosses brokerage can actually get them cheaper rates and save them money. The company I worked for broke off of a major player in the space, […]

Mastering Marketing Without a Mentor

Ever since I was a little kid, I just loved marketing. The challenge I had was that I was born in a sheltered environment where my parents did not own a TV. I was surrounded by books and had minimal exposure to a newspaper. If I wanted to watch TV,(which I did) I had to […]

Born To Be a Marketer

I got my first taste of marketing when I was 5 years old and really wanted a dollar after watching the little rascals sing, “we got a dollar, we got a dollar, we got a dollar hey hey, hey hey.” So, I looked around the room for something to sell, something I could use to […]

Welcome to

Dear Readers, Welcome to, my marketing blog.. I love marketing, and spend most of my time learning and experimenting with marketing strategies and learning new tips, tricks and strategies as a hobby.I do Search Engine Marketing and Direct Response Copywriting to earn a living. This blog is my chronicle of what I learned along […]