Why Lazaro Is Still On American Idol and How He Earned My Vote Fair and Square!

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If you are like most of America, you are probably stumped by why Lazaro Arbos is still surviving on American Idol. For weeks now he has under-performed the competition, and all the judges and Jimmy Iovine want him gone, gone, gone.

If you recall, I wrote a post before the live competition started with a theory of why Lazaro might just Win American Idol this year. While he is certainly not my favorite anymore, I can still see him winning, and if not I certainly think he has a few weeks left of success on the show.

Here’s why…

Every Time The Judges Criticize and Talk Down To Lazaro, They Reinforce America’s Belief in Lazaro and What He Stands For… 

You see, most of us aren’t the absolute very best at anything. We are probably very good at a few things, but not the very best. Still, we know we have it in us to be better tomorrow. We know there is a spark inside us that can push us way above the top.

Let’s be real for a minute as Randolph Jackson insists. Lazaro did not get this far by sucking. He got this far by being A+mazing as Maria Carey always says. Lazaro is an Incredible Singer Who Got This Far By Being Great and Persevering. 

When the judges say to Lazaro, we love you, but that sucked. It reminds me of being criticized by my parents and teachers, and surfaces all those feelings of “Them Not Believing In Me.” Unless you have the strongest sense of self out there, you probably use other peoples perceptions of you to help decide how you feel about yourself. No one likes being treated like a child. If you need to criticize me, don’t try to soften it with platitudes that aren’t relevant. Every time the judges talk about liking lazaro as a person, I hate the judges and want to vote for him more.

People Often Live Up To The Expectations of The People Around Them. As Long As The Judges Tell Lazaro He Isn’t Good Enough, They Make It Harder For Him To Show Them His Real and True Talent. Lazaro Is Only Persevering Because You and I and America Continues To Believe For Him and Vote For Him.

So, for all the folks out there that wished the Man Gave Them A Chance, I am hoping for Lazaro to Win it All.

It’s not because I feel bad or pity for him, and its not because I feel he is the best singer in the competition. It is because he is the underdog who is misunderstood and is not being given the respect he deserves for getting this far. After all no one denies he earned the right to be in the top 10. 

As long as there is a chance for him to win it, or come back and blow us away, I am voting for him.

Here is what I hope happens. I hope he becomes a breakthrough artist who gets voted back in the top three this week, and than next week or the week after that does a performance that Proves The Judges wrong, and Shows Them AMERICA IS THE BOSS, NOT JIMMY AND NOT STUPID AND DISRESPECTFUL Ms. MINAJ!!! 

Experts don’t get a vote. The only vote that Matters is America, and America Knows That Lazaro Has It In Him and Will Persevere.

He is worth Idolizing. He brings life and possibility to our dreams and fantasies. Lazaro is America’s Idol!!!

This is the moment that the creators of American Idol should pay attention to. Jimmy said, “If America gets it right, Lazaro will go home.” Well, America has spoken, and they voted to send Jimmy Home. That’s the beauty of music, you can always stick it to the man, and the brilliance of the show American Idol was to help folks like Jimmy, and The Judges WHEN THEY GET IT WRONG!

If You Want Lazaro To Breakthrough and Shine Above The Rest. He Needs Our Belief in Him and His Talent That Got Him This Far and Most Importantly Our Votes. 


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