Why Lazaro Arbos Will Win American Idol, and How His Story Can Transform Your Business

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“Out Of Every Adversity Is a Seed For an Equal or Greater Opportunity!” I Don’t know who coined that saying, but it is a bedrock for finding the opportunity in every situation. There is opportunity everywhere you look, but many times your very adversity or challenge is in fact your greatest strength.

This year on American Idol, there are two contestants that are greatly benefiting from a tremendous challenge they had to overcome, One of whom I am betting will win the whole thing this year.

Here is Why I believe LAZARO ARBOS will be the next American Idol, and why his stuttering is his biggest advantage, and most importantly, how his story can help you skyrocket your business to the next level. 

FIrst, Watch this video of his audition, and than I will explain how his very Adversity is the Seed of His Great Opportunity.

As you can See, Lazaro has a very moving and inspiring story. There is no question people are buying into you more than your product or service. Your story is what sells you and Lazaro has an incredible story… But there are many contestants with moving and inspiring stories, and American Idol is known to be all about the voice, the talent, the “star power,” we have seen many contestants go home with great stories, so why am I so sure Lazaro will be the next American Idol?

It’s quite simple… It’s called the Contrast Principle and it is a powerful mechanism that Influences Human Perception. The rule affects the way we see things one after another. If they are different, we perceive them as even more different than they actually are.

Here is a simple experiment you can try at home. Take three bowls of water. Make one of them hot, one of them cold, and one of them luke warm. Now, stick one hand into the hot water bowl, and the other hand into the cold water bowl. Now, take both hands and stick them into the luke warm water bowl and you will be amazed. Even though both hands are in the exact same temperature water, the one that was previously in the hot water will feel cold, and the one that was in the cold water will feel hot.

As Lazaro Arbos struggles through his stuttering, which is extremely painful to listen to, his already amazing voice and singing talent appears much better than it might be if he didn’t have the Contrast Principle working in his favor.

In every adversity is a seed for an equal or greater opportunity.

There is an excellent story from the 1930’s that Robert Cialdini mentions in his Book Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, ” Sid and Harry Drubeck owned a men’s tailor shop, and while sid would help customers try on suits, he would constantly say and demonstrate he was hard of hearing by asking the customer to repeat himself, etc… When the customer finally found a suit he liked, Sid would call out to Harry in the back and ask how much the suit costs. Harry would say, “$42 dollars” which was a very large sum for a suit in 1930. Sid would yell back, “How much? I didn’t hear you.” Harry would repeat the price. Again, Sid would pretend he didn’t hear it and ask for the price. After Harry yelled out $42 dollars again, Sid would say to the customer, “Harry said it’s $22 dollars for the suit.” Of course, even $22 dollars was a high price for a suit, but the customer would quickly buy it because he associated an expensive price with good quality, and the contrast of paying $22 in relation to $42 appeared much cheaper than it was.” Many store will mark up items and than offer them for a steep discount, similar to this story.

Back to Why I believe Lazaro Will Win American Idol this Year…

Many different pieces have to come together to make an American Idol. You need an amazing story. They need to sell the dream that even though I am not perfect, I can be a star. That is what Idol Sells. It sells a fantasy. One that takes our deepest fears and tells us, that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you make of your circumstances.

Who can’t relate to the feeling of being misunderstood? Who is misunderstood more than someone who struggles to speak like Lazaro… as we saw in Holywood week where people in his group thought he was bringing them down, and that he was slow and stupid, even though we know that he was much smarter and more talented than them. Lazaro is a Hero. He champions the idea that “Out of Every Adversity is a Seed for an Equal or Greater Opportunity.” 

His amazing talent, his amazing story, and his star power will lead to the finish line. …and the Contrast Principle Will Seal The Deal! 

Here’s my post about why lazaro is still on idol.

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he isn’t going to win idol.

    • DavidMelamed says

      Who do you think will win? (The truth is, with a few more rounds before the american voting starts, I dont even know who is competing. The point of this post is to illustrate the Contrast Principle in action.)

  2. As we all know Lazaro has difficulty speaking but Music is giving him Miracle, the moment he sung all words and his sounds touches the audience. God bless you Lazaro!

  3. To be honest I believe Kree will win it all. Lazaro will go very far but he won’t be able to get ahead of Kree, Angela, Amber, and Candice.

    • DavidMelamed says

      I think Candice or Kree will take it home… I dont know why you put amber in there… Angela I understand, but I think Candice really has the best shot.

  4. Lazaro didn’t win but for me he is a winner. If a prize for good looks he would win. He has the world’s most fascinating eyes- eyes to die for.

    • DavidMelamed says

      What do you mean he didn’t win… He Is STILL In IT. and considering how poor his performance was last week and still being the top guy, I would say he has a real shot at winning.


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