How To Promote Your Content In 2013 and a half

Advanced Content Promotion and Outreach Tactics from BuzzStream This is an incredible slideshare presentation from Buzzstream, which is a must use tool for any serious linkbuilder. To summarize, unless you have a strong community built around you, you need to invest heavily into promoting your content. Sending spammy outreach emails just don’t work well anymore. […]

How To Measure The Social Media Impact on Your Sales

This is a common question that many companies wonder. What is the value of a facebook fan or a twitter follower. The big challenge of course is that when you are building a relationship with consumers and engaging them from the top of the funnel until they convert, there could be many interactions that influence […]

Do Testimonials Work?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Do Testimonials Really Work?!" These questions are common because on the internet we know how easy it is to fake a testimonial.  The answer of course is a RESOUNDING YES!!!  Sure, testimonials that have obvious trust issues, or don't share real insight, are probably worthless, […]

How To Make Money On Facebook (Joke)

I was researching Google Plus communities to see which groups have the largest member base and I found one of the most popular communities is called joke of the day and they posted this joke today. Quite Funny.

Multiply Your Customers By Guaranteeing They Refer Everyone They Know

Joe was rowing his boat out in the middle of a lake for a relaxing day of fishing. A huge green snake comes up alongside the boat with a half-swallowed frog sticking out of it’s mouth. Feeling bad for the frog, Joe used his paddle to hit the snake, releasing the frog to safety. Joe felt […]

Twitter Advertising Releases Powerful Targeting Tools For Small Businesses

Twitter rolled out their advanced advertising interface to small businesses today. Enabling advertisers to target by device, gender, and similar audiences. In a post about New Powerful Advertising Tools on Twitter’s advertising blog they explain in more detail. Our self-service advertisers can now target interests in two specific ways. First, they can target users with the […]