What an Ancient CIA Intelligence Manual Can Teach Us About PPC Advertising?

Read the words in the triangles above: I’ll explain why in a couple moments. A few days ago I got a text message from a friend who owns a hedge fund and happened to be in town for the day asking if I am able to get together with him. This friend designs complex investment […]

Are You Losing Customers Between Devices? Multi-Screen Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

It’s 2013, like most marketers, you probably already have a mobile and tablet marketing plan in place. You probably at least have a mobile website, if not a responsive design. Unfortunately, that is just not enough in today’s age. Google did a study that revealed 67% of consumers start shopping on a mobile phone and […]

How To Pick The Best Marketing Consultant and KNOW He Will Deliver on His Promises

One of the biggest obstacles you need to overcome before hiring a marketer, or for that matter making any purchase decision is figuring out how to know if something works without trying it. That’s one of the big problems with claiming you are the best in your marketing, while this might be what your customers […]