Are You Losing Customers Between Devices? Multi-Screen Marketing Is The Next Big Thing


It’s 2013, like most marketers, you probably already have a mobile and tablet marketing plan in place. You probably at least have a mobile website, if not a responsive design. Unfortunately, that is just not enough in today’s age. Google did a study that revealed 67% of consumers start shopping on a mobile phone and continue shopping on other devices. We are clearly living in a multi-screen world, with most people having four screens they move between. A TV, a SmartPhone, a Tablet, and a Laptop. Understanding the context of how consumers look for information, shop and behave across these devices is still in it’s infancy, but the real question is how do you optimize your user experience as they move between devices.



This of course presents all sorts of interesting challenges, starting with, how do you make sure your users can save their shopping trip from one device to another? Signing in is one option. There are also services that help you tie multiple devices to the same user. I am sure there are many other options i have to discover, as this is relatively new.

Google’s study can be found here

If you want to explore how you can maximize your marketing for multi-device usage, feel free to reach out to me and I would be glad to share more with you.

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  1. Jade McAulay says

    I actually watch my friend this morning spend time on her laptop, announced loudly that she’d spent too much time on it and then proceed to switch to her iPad as soon as she’d turned it off, resuming exactly what she had been doing on a different device. Talk about switching devices… It’s definitely something that will become of more use to business when they discover how to use people’s switching to their advantage. The being signed in on multiple devices is an important one. I have a website I go on that lets me do that and so when I add things to my shopping cart on my computer but then don’t purchase, I’ll eventually get an notification on my phone through their app a few hours later, reminding me of it. Even if it annoys me at times, it does work, because I often pick up my phone and start browsing the site again almost automatically. There are opportunities there.

    • Actually Jade there has been a lot of progress in this industry since I wrote this post. Google now counts what they call estimated conversions instead of actual conversions to account for multi-device conversions. There is this kinda creepy company that whenever you log into an mobile app with facebook or twitter, they grab all your personal info, to map it back to your computer. (This is all done anonymously, so they dont actually know who you are and all that, they just have the ability to say, “target people on a computer who have candy crush on their phones, etc…


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