Why I Started Doing Webinars and Why You Should Too

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I recently decided to go exploring and started offering webinars for a very weird reason. Webinars are my hack for recording a screencast of my work.

One of the main reasons webinars are such a popular marketing strategy is that event based marketing forces urgency to act and eliminates procrastination, which is the enemy of progress.


One of the reasons I started this blog is because I was inspired to just get started creating content. Figuring out how to leverage that content for maximum exposure can come later, but once I create a piece of content, it lasts forever. I forever own it and co do what I want with it.

One of the biggest challenges marketing consultants face is scaling their expertise.

When you are working at a really high level, it’s hard to break down your process into a format that an affordable employee can replicate. Creating content let’s you clone yourself and scale your expertise beyond your own time.

For the longest time I have known that video is a tremendous media for marketing. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video is like a thousand pictures, literally!

I have also known that recording screencast showing how I do what I do can help me in a dozen different ways. For starters, it is video content I can sell, use as training materials, and offer as a bribe for growing my opt in list.

Frank Kern often talks about how the perceived value of a video trumps the written word, and is a much more effective bribe to use to grow a list.  It was during a Frank Kern webinar a few weeks ago where I realized…Hey, if I offered webinars, and recorded them I could not only get all the benefits of a webinar, but also create high value content simultaneously.

Webinars are like a ticking time bomb.

I see registrations spike as the event gets closer and closer. You don’t want to miss out on the next big thing, or some deep insight you will likely have to pay for in the future. Webinars eliminate procrastination.

What you may not realize though is that Webinars are also like a ticking time bomb for me. I have people committed to taking valuable time out of their day with the expectation that I will share deep insights that they can easily replicate and do on their own. This knowledge forces me to not procrastinate on making videos. I have known for several years that making video screencasts showing how to do various marketing strategies is an effective strategy, but it was so easy to push off…However, the moment I offer it as a webinar, which is a much smaller step considering I use leadpages.

The hardest part is getting started, and Leadpages makes it so easy to get started. Now, I don’t need to prepare a script or plan a video, I just go into leadpages, create a landing page in a matter of minutes. Use the wordpress plugin to publish the landing page on my blog and now I have no choice but to follow through.

I make webinars because they help me create valuable content.

The fact that it is given me a 300% boost to my opt-ins, and is growing my consulting client base, that is just gravy.

Bottom line, offering webinars is helping me just as much if not more than it’s helping my viewers. So, if you want to help me out, join my webinars.

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