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Two Negative Keyword Tools I Can’t Live Without

I spent most of the day today building out a PPC campaign for a new client in a very specialized B2B market. His big challenge is that while he only services commercial clients, many of the search terms overlap individuals who are too small for him to service. So, I set out to build him […]

Do Two of These Three Things and You Are Guaranteed To Win Customers and Grow Your Sales

About a year and a half ago I was chatting with a fascinating fellow at the Internet Retailer show in Chicago. I struck up a conversation with him when he asked the moderator during a PPC session about placing high bids in Google, and advertising with his worst CTR ad copy to drive up the […]

Kevin Spacey Exposes The Secret To Successful Marketing… Give People What They Want…People Just Want Stories!

I still remember the day I first heard about this brilliant Kevin Spacey Video. It was today and I really don’t have much of a story here… It was simply meant to illustrate a point that you are still reading, most likely because this post started off as a story. I can assure you that […]