The Single Most Valuable Marketing Tactic In The World

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Some businesses find customers to make sales. Smart businesses make sales to find customers. Most marketers focus on finding new customers, when they can probably make much more money increasing their average ticket and finding ways to maximize the value of each customer. I personally wont work with a company that doesn’t focus on maximizing the lifetime value of a customer, because the best marketing in the world wont compensate for a terrible customer experience.

There Is No Question or Doubt About It… Optimizing Your Customers Experience Offers The BIGGEST Returns on your marketing dollars. Period! 

How can you make sure to deliver the best service possible? You can start by taking the time to really think about the following questions and finding ways to really answer them as best as possible.

1. What Would DELIGHT your customers?

2. What would be fun for them?

3. How could you surprise them?

4. What would make them feel unique and special?

5. What would make them feel good about themselves?

6. What would reaffirm the way they see themselves and reinforce that identity?

7. How could you customize your product or service so they will identify it as being “Just For Me.”

8. How might you give them the temporary experience of letting them “BE” someone else?

9.How might you make it possible for them to do something out of the ordinary?

10. How could you create the perception that doing business with you raises or confirms their status?

11. How could you create feelings of validity and satisfaction about themselves?

12. What could you do to make them feel safe and secure, give them peace of mind?

13. How might you help them become the person they have always wanted to be?

14. How might you give them the ability to do something they have always wanted to do?

These questions were taken out of the brilliant book by Sydney Biddle Barrows and Dan Kennedy  Called, “Uncensored Sales Strategies.”

I promise you, spending the time to deliver a superior experience will pay for itself in Gold!!!

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  1. John MacIntire says

    Terrific information & exactly what’s necessary for referrals, persistency & retention! I’ll be procuring the book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marianna Elizabeth Beavis says

    This is a great set of information. It’s one thing to go “Okay, I want to maximize the value of my customer, and give them the best experience,” but sometimes it’s hard to put the thoughts into and idea and then stick it all down on paper so that you have something to implement. You have a wonderful list here and if it is done right, it would be great for any business or website. Customers are the most important thing and everything should be about them because they are your business and it’s great to see you consistently acknowledging this in your posts rather than just tossing articles at your readers without really thinking about them. Definitely something I will be bookmarking for future reference.

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