Expose Your Competitors Strategies and Flip Their Advantage Against Them.

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If only you could spy on your competitors online, you could probably outmaneuver them, and more importantly outsell their pants off. The good News is that everything that happens on the internet is easy to track and analyze. There are lots of great tools to use to see what your competitors are up to, here are the few that I can’t live without.

1. Keyword Spy – The data these guys have are well worth every penny they charge. An alternative to them would be spyfu, but Keyword Spy definitely has more data.

Spy On Your Competitors - KeywordSpy

2. Opensiteexplorer.org Рthis is my favorite backlink analysis tool, and I especially like it to compare my link profile to my competitors. I actually just built a tool that pulls the data from here and creates a  Search Engine, so you can query the database of your competitors links for all sorts of cool stuff, like guest posting opportunities, or vertical directories that your competitors are listed on. Lots of great uses for this tool, and I use it almost every day. Let me know if you want beta access to this tool. (should be ready this week.)

3. Google alerts – Of course I couldn’t manage without my google alerts. I use these for all sorts of really valuable stuff. From paying attention to my competitors or finding new topics to blog about. Of course it’s always fun being notified when someone starts talking about you online… Which leads me to the next tool..

4. Social Mention – (taken over by a new tool by BrandMentions)- lets you monitor see whose talking about what across social media channels.

5. Tools like quantcast, alexa, compete and many others offer all sorts of data, but the tools I mentioned above are ones I depend on day in and day out, and highly recommend them…

Of course though, my favorite all time competitive intelligence tool is https://www.BuiltWith.com which tells you about all the technology a certain site is using. Great for new clients going into a space to see what is working for them.

I hope this helps.

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