Just Got Sushi Delivered In A Hurricane. I Guess NY Has It’s Perks

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As a Coloradan exiled to the tri-state area, and having spent the better part of the last Seven years in New York, and while I am currently evacuated to Brooklyn for the duration of the Hurricane, I decided to try to test the limits of the City that never sleeps. Sure enough, on my first try no less, a Sushi joint (Sushi K Bar) four avenues and fourteen blocks away from me, was not only open, and not only super busy today, but they delivered sushi right to my door in a FREAKIN HURRICANE.

While I know it’s in style for us small town folks to rag on the big apple, complain about the traffic, the suicidal traffic-dodging pedestrians, and the ear busting noise, oh how I really hate the noise… trucks idling on residential blocks, bus mufflers that can shatter windows, and millions of people buzzing about minding their own business, and of course no one elses… I have to admit it is quite refreshing to be able to pick up the phone, and get sushi delivered in a Hurricane.

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted having the easy life of getting off of work during a hurricane, or being able to afford ordering sushi for lunch on a Monday. I guess I should be grateful for many wonderful advantages I have in my life, and more importantly appreciate the beauty of free markets.

If this brave delivery man wasn’t willing to drudge out in the heavy wind and rain to earn a few bucks today, the world might stop functioning. My gut instinct is to feel guilty for taking advantage of a fellows misfortune that he needs to work in such dire conditions, and feel pity for the less fortunate… But the truth is much harsher than that. The Reality is that this delivery man and his kids may very well starve if not for the job he has. With 23 million Americans out of work, this man is blessed in many ways, and my apparent lack of sympathy by ordering sushi and making him rush out in the storm is really what he wants more than anything else. How do I know, because he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t in his best interest. I bet he was extremely grateful for the opportunity to create value and work. and the extra tip he got in due to the dire weather is worth the effort to him. While I certainly don’t wish anyone would be in those circumstances, the reality is that 23 million americans are. The reality has no emotion, no sympathy, just reality, and as long as we live in a free society with free markets, the demand for sushi will keep his family fed, and help keep the world go round.

Reality might be rough, But it exists, and we have two choices in life… To face it to our benefit, or to deny to our detriment. Reality doesn’t care. It will keep on existing regardless of how we feel. So, do I feel bad ordering sushi and bringing this fellow out on the dangerous streets? No, I feel good. He chose to work today. His life situation is not more dangerous or worse off if I had not ordered sushi. So, do I feel for his plight? Yes. Do I regret ordering sushi? NO. I am absolutely unapologetic for helping him earn a living in the way he chose or in the circumstances life threw at him. If I had to take a bet, a man with that work ethic would probably own his own sushi joint in a few years. The simple truth is that most people are not willing to do what it takes, let alone go the extra mile.

My Hat Goes OFF to you MR. Sushi Delivery Guy, and I hope your efforts pay off in spades. I am sorry I get to stay home and you are out in the storm, but I am happy i was able to help drive the demand for your services so you can enrich your life and improve your circumstances with your effort. You are an inspiration to me, and I hope to others as well.

So, Go out, order some sushi, help those willing to help themselves, and keep the world moving forward. Thank G-d for the free markets, and the laws of supply and demand. May we never lose the freedom to create supply and may America and the world never lose the desire to create demand. (To be fair, the roads in Brooklyn are still relatively safe… it is windy and raining, but its safe for local delivery for now.)

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