Fiverr Experiments Paying Off. Tenfold Traffic Logo Speed Colored

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So, I know this video probably only took a few minutes to make, but i think its pretty cool. As you know, Fiverr is an excellent marketplace for buying services for 5 bucks. I have been playing around with it to promote my clients with some pretty solid results. Of course it helps to know how to weed through the garbage and hire the right folks for the right gigs. This is just a cute video of the logo for my Search Engine Marketing Consulting Business Tenfold Traffic that I had a fiverr vendor do.

My next project is I am having a fiverr member create a flyer for my client, and I plan on having another dozen fiverr members hand them out. I will use a unique tracking phone number to see how effective it is, and would be glad to report on the results here.

In the mean time, check out this video. davemel37_tenfoldtraffic

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