Under The Hood of The Google Machine: Look What It Takes To Run A Search Engine

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CBS went inside a North Carolina Google Data Center with Cameras, and it’s truly fascinating what goes on under the hood when you search in google. As a Search Engine Marketer, i am constantly fascinated by the hundreds of variables that affect search rankings, and blown away by the amount of data google must not only manage, and keep live at their data centers, but also to power their instant search, super quick search results, advertising auctions happening in real time for ad inventory, real time bidding in display networks, powering live traffic and maps searches from millions of devices. It just blows my mind thinking what it takes and the billions of dollars it costs just so I can find what I’m looking for quickly, and more efficiently. Imagine how frightening it is to know that your competitors like Bing are just a mouse click away, and it is just mind boggling… Google basically spends billions of dollars just to please you or me to the point of not going elsewhere.

The sheer computing power of this data center is just pure awesomeness… Although the skeptic within me wonders if Google Released this news story a day before their earning were leaked/supposed to be reported and it showed a staggering 3 bllion dollars plus spent on overhead, infrastructure, etc…It could be this story was meant to preempt a stock price crash, which of course it didn’t, with googles stock losing 10% of it’s value in a day and a half.


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