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Al Gore Invented Growth Hacking

When I asked Eric Ries why it took technologists over 100 years to discover what direct response marketers figured out in the 1800’s, he responded, “Because Technologists are stubborn.” If you ever wondered who invented coupons and why, it’s no secret. Claude Hopkins was a door to door salesman who wanted to TRACK whether which […]

Smash Summit 2012 Predictions for Facebook vs. Google By Dave McClure and Fred Wilson

To end the great Smash Summit 2012 event, Dave McClure asked Fred Wilson if he is bullish or bearish on Facebook and Google. After some back and forth about how bullish or bearish Dave meant, the conversation changed to “if I Put One dollar today in Facebook, or One Dollar today in Google, which one […]

Smash Summit 2012- Startup Marketing Advice Summaries (Part 1)

I had the pleasure of attending Smash Summit 2012 today, a co-production of  500 Startups Partner Dave McClure and Next Customer founder, and my friend Jay Weintraub. I probably took more away from this event than any other marketing education and experiences I ever encountered. Brilliant Speakers, Rapid Fire Presentations, Crash Courses and Case Studies,all […]